Madrona Labs sale, through Jan 5

25% off Madrona software, through Jan 5:


site maintenance error

but glad to know it’s going down…I’m really psyched

Me too. In the spirit of minimalism: Ableton + Madrona + a bit of modular + Grid may be all that I need. Well… + guitar pedals + microphones + Arc? + Push2? But in any case, the Madrona instruments seem critical :wink:



Oh… so tempting… tempt me more: How is Aalto for synthetic percussion? Anyone have some good examples?

Also, can one easily, within Ableton, map Macros to Aalto bits? Or directly map my MIDI controller’s knobs?


aalto, still my most-used soft synth since it was released.

free demo. try it.


Yeah, ditto. It’s a complete semi-modular synth in the most compact yet supremely ergonomic and intuitive UI possible. You’ve absolutely got to try it. Not only is the sound top notch, it is one of the more usable pieces of software I’ve had the pleasure to use, ever. I’m a UX designer by day, so I’m picky.

Give Kaivo and Virta a try too, they’re quite unique.


I’ve been even slightly more smitten by Kaivo, so don’t overlook it :wink:

Thanks for the very nice comments.

Ableton Live will map your MIDI controller’s knobs to Aalto’s parameters very easily using the ‘configure’ menu. I plan to add MIDI mapping within Aalto, but that’s mainly for people who have hosts that aren’t as good at it. Live’s implementation works very well.

As far as percussion, there’s a folder of patches called “Aalto percussion” that comes with the plugin.

I was dealing with some website issues and having to make licenses manually so I did a kind of “soft open” today. Everything should be working now. I’ll publicize the releases and sale more over the coming few days.


I am having trouble paying for Aalto, I don’t know if it’s your website or my server giving me problems. I’ll try again later.

please email me at support at if you like and let me know details about just what goes wrong. (i’m going to bed in a few so may have to catch you in 8-10 hours)

used the sale to finally buy a copy of virta! :blush:

sometimes i feel guilty for not making more music with the madrona suite but it has nothing to do with the tools themselves…i’ve never regretted supporting such well made instruments

i know their power/potential is available whenever i need them


The problem was my server… just now I could pay. Now it’s play time :slight_smile:-)

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Me too! So lovely. A rolling wave of droning vocoder has made for the morning’s soundtrack.

Cheers @randy!

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Have Aalto and love it

On the fence about Kaivo, someone push me over the edge

I already have and enjoy Aalto and as of this morning I have them all. Thank you. :smiley:


I just sent out the 1.x.1 updates to clear up issues, mostly with missing bits on Windows.

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Was there a sale recently? And did I miss it? Sorry for the banal question :rofl:

Coulda sworn I saw an ad that said it was going til January? Maybe I’ve just seen too many sales lately.

Yep! From the recent newsletter:

“ From now through January 6 2021, our year-end sale is happening! You can use the code EVOLVE to get 30% off all our software. If you’re an Aalto fan but you’ve been holding out on getting Kaivo or Virta or Aaltoverb, now’s a great time. And yes, our simple bundle deal is in effect along with the year-end discount, if you choose to take advantage of them both. This results in some big discounts!”