Madrona Labs Virta beta

Can’t wait for this.


Sweet Jesus that sounds lovely.

Seen that on twitter, how many cool thing can madrona labs release exactly?

Nice. Reminds me that I’ve barely explored the last one. Time to get freaky.

I’ll be doing a Virta demo tonight at the Seattle Music Machines Salon.

We’ll be streaming the event tonight at 7pm Pacific (UTC-8):

The SMMS is a new venue for electronic music discussion, open to all. I’m kicking this first one off with Virta but in general it won’t be Madrona Labs-centric and we are looking for people to help direct it and do the work. more info:


seven, plus or minus two


The soundplane is one of the most beautiful sound controller I’ve ever seen, but it’ll probably never be within my financial reach so I don’t count it for my very own mental sanity. Other than that, yeah, 7 and counting. Amazing. I love everything about those softwares.

i’ll be watching

every snippet i’ve heard sounds lush!

this is what sold me:

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would like to take a second to publicly applaud madrona for their incredible manuals. they always read enjoyably and I’ve learned a lot outside direct application to their products.


Thanks so much! This is one area where I get a lot of help. They wouldn’t be the same without David’s drawings or George’s witticisms.