mafmadmaf & Marc Méan - Far 远

That’s it! “far” is out on Bandcamp and all the streaming platforms! On this album I hat the chance to work with the wonderful mafmadmaf where I play Ciat-Lonbarde instruments and he plays eurorack modular. Enjoy!

Since mafmadmaf lives in China and I live in Switzerland. The whole process was done remotely.
The idea was to work on the idea of opposite, far/near, day/night, yin/yang. Concepts that are really important in Chinese philosophy.
I first recorded 10 minutes of music that I later sent to mafmadmaf to add some of his music on top.
This ended up beeing the first track of the album “Sun”
For the second track “Moon”, we did the opposite.

The album was mastered by the one and only Taylor Deupree.

(Isn’t it delightful to have friends coming from afar?)



Nice! I like the both of you! Instabuy!

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such a nice listen this AM!

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