Magic from space - love revision

i used a 64 grayscale grid (on cover) to get all these going. sometimes terms m4l but mostly starting with a patch rabid made me out of kindness years ago and the chocolate grinder + the party van. i really dislike the word remix so i think…love revision.

i had been in various stages of completion with about a dozen tracks but these 5 stuck deeply to me on most recent evaluative listens. the notes from the bc release explain a little:

“Each of these tracks takes flight from a seed welcomed and shared each by original artist. So please go and support them! The process mostly taken was to sample/edit with monome 64 grayscale grid and related apps with some Ableton live integration (thank you Monome, Rodrigo Constanza, Rabid). The release including each original composition can be found in link below. I deeply thank each of you who freely let me explore your work and am grateful for the interactions we have shared and I hope community encouragement, love and support energy is felt, whoever finds this.”

the patch mister rabid made was amazing. automatically equally chops any audio file into 64 pieces activated by button press. if button held looping. “polyphonic”. it is wonderful to have arbitrary sample points rather than meticulously editing start/stop points or fancy modern auto-sensing.

hopefully we all know @Rodrigo and his chocolate grinder and the party van apps. if you have not explored them i cannot urge you enough to go explore:

R certainly has newer things going on but i still haven’t gotten over tpv and the chocolate grinder.

Terms has also been very fun and helpful to get my sometimes lonely old grid into native ableton live recording environment.

the hard instruments:
g+l asat custom
jazz bass
2 x peavey t40 basses

I really cannot thank my little musical community and the lines community and people that have helped me over the years in so many different ways. this place is my online homb. constant inspiration comes from this community and it was the basis for my explorations in this project.


wow, beautiful stuff, i loved your It’s Split EP, i was just looking through this forum, and i noticed that you were Magic From Space, at first i couldn’t believe. Thanks for the awesome chill music.

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oh thank you so much for the kind words and for listening! :handshake:

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:pray: blessings 2 u upon your house, self and family :pray: