Magus Modular (Rebel Technology Kickstarter)

So just saw the Kickstarter for this:

So it looks like a different formfactor version of their OWL stuff (presumably with upgraded dsp/guts?).

Can’t say I find it too exciting on initial viewing, but I welcome the embedded programming future!


Man, I love this stuff. Teletype, ER-301, Percussa SSP, Bela Modular, and now this. So many options for software modular that will patch to your hardware modular, blurring the boundaries.


Man, tell me about it.

Reminds me of this epic c74 thread going back to 2012:

Having a “headless” setup has been the dream for almost as long as I’ve been using a “headed” setup.


This sounds really awesome, but I kinda like the flat and square aesthetic of the prototype more than the guitar pedal like mock-up on the campaign page.


I use a Pisound right now, and just plain Pi for embedded projects. This seems like a nice iteration on that idea by adding CV. I’m more drawn to the Wizard middle-of-the-road version than the full blown Magus. The Wizard feels like a good price/feature compromise for my potential uses.


Yup, I’m much more attracted to creative problem solving with the smaller versions than full blown programming craziness with a separate box. Also anyone else notice even the smaller wizard can midi-usb host?!

On a separate note, pretty disappointed with the look and design, especially as their eurorack stuff looks so great.

The plastic things are prototype, we can hope for the finished product to look much better :slight_smile:


Hi y’all, Martin from Rebel Tech here, happy to answer any questions.
We had to take the 3d renders down because KS don’t allow them. But we’ll post some updates to show what the finished thing will look like!


Will the finished units match the style of your euro modules?

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The Wizard (middle one) could be a nice replacement for the Nord MicroModular, with the added bonus of USB host and a few CV inputs/outputs. And more memory, so proper delays and loopers could probably happen.

I really want to focus on just my 7U for gear (I need to sell my Folktek Mescaline for example) but this one is quite tempting…

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@Mars - Ah, good stuff! glad you’re working on other cases.

@oscillateur - Yeah, same for me - trying to keep as much in my 6u case as possible. I really love a lot of euro-friendly gear that’s out there, but I didn’t get into euroRACK to have a load of separate boxes and (shudder) power supplies.

@aetherpulse the desktop Magus will have a matt black finish, which in my opinion looks fantastic together with the OLED screen and RGB LEDs - and doesn’t stain from finger prints.
For Eurorack, hold tight for an announcement…!


It’s now official: you can get the Magus in standalone desktop and beautiful Eurorack format!

Magus Synthesizer Toolkit - matt black with gunmetal sides

Magus Eurorack Edition - natural anodised aluminium


Are there any examples of using the OWL systems with a monome Grid? Magus or Wizard could form an interesting alternative to the Organelle, which to my knowledge is the only portable synth to work “off-the-shelf” with Grid via PD.

Hi @mars, thanks for getting these images out, looking much better! The Eurorack doesn’t appear to have a USB on the front panel - is the current thought that you’d have a usb cable plugged into the rear of the module?


They mention a 4 HP expander; I imagine it has the USB port?

I was also thinking about this as a Micro Modular replacement - especially using something like on top of Pd so it’d be a more high level patching environment than Pd. Tempting tempting…


Any plans/hope for a eurorack version of the Wizard? It would be awesome to have that functionality in a smaller footprint. :slight_smile:

@Simeon @desolationjones yes that’s right - the 4HP expander will have USB Host and Device. Both are class compliant USB MIDI interfaces.

@Justmat there’s always hope! But for this Kickstarter, no, sorry. We have lots of things that we are prototyping, but sometimes it takes years to reach production.


“Like the Magus it has both USB MIDI device and host connections so that you can plug your favourite controller straight in - be it keyboard, drum pads, sequencer, grid, or multidimensional controller.”

Does this mean: MPE compatibility out of the box? Monome grid support out of the box?