Magus Modular (Rebel Technology Kickstarter)

No on that one I think. Monome grids are not usb midi devices.

Monome grid support would require serialosc. I don’t think Magus is a Linux box? Not sure how you’d get serialosc onto it.

MPE would require your patch to support it.

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That standalone desktop looks beautiful, but I’d almost feel compelled to grow my hair out and make Swedish death metal with the thing :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t referring to Monome there, but “grid based MIDI controllers”.

It was suggested on our Kickstarter to add a Teletype style I2C header. I’m not sure exactly what would be involved, maybe someone here could elucidate?

I understand it’s a 2x3 header but I can’t find docs on the pin out, or how the pull ups work.

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@mars is there any estimated price /release date on the Magus Eurorack as well as for the 4HP expander?

whatever happened to this product?
is this still happening, on the product site it says “sold out”…?

Update from July on the Kickstarter page says it’s still being manufactured but they’ve had delays:

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