Maiden-remote-repl - cli utility for connecting to maiden

maiden-remote-repl is a simple CLI utility for node.js for connecting to Maiden remotely.

This was made so I can keep using my local vim, but also display logs in tmux split window, and reload the script on file change. Yes I could use maiden editor and click on the “run” button, but I prefer to code from my own editor, and to keep my tmux sessions so I can get back to them. Also writing UI code, and having Norns refresh on every change (so I can tweak values in almost real time) is pretty magical.

To get live-reload experience:

  1. npm install -g maiden-remote-repl
  2. create (assuming you’re working on APP.lua):
    rsync -azP . --exclude .git --delete we@norns.local:/home/we/dust/code/APP
    maiden-remote-repl send 'norns.script.load("code/APP/APP.lua")'
  3. start file watching session, for example: nodemon -e lua -x ./

Now, on every file change to lua the code is sent to Norns, and the script is restarted.


can’t wait to try this!

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this deserves a bump - - was strongly considering making something quite like this but here it is !! the tips for remote sync & file watching are priceless as well - had a pretty smooth time getting things working on my end

I used a slightly different config for my dev-sync script so I thought I’d share

sshpass -p "sleep" rsync -azP ~/dust/code/ --delete --exclude .git we@norns.local:/home/we/dust/code/
maiden-remote-repl send 'norns.script.load(norns.state.script)'

this one:

  • syncs a local ~/dust/code folder of all my scripts, then reruns the currently running script – that way I don’t have to copy the bash script into every script folder
  • uses sshpass to remove the password prompt (simpler than setting up key ssh authentication, etc)