Make a 2016 Sound Journal (Disquiet Junto 0261)


fueled by an impromptu beer with some Junto people last night - Marc himself, as well as the wonderful MtViewMark - this is my first submission to Disquiet Junto in 4 years! this is an audio journal project, wherein one must create a ‘sonic diary’ of the year, with each month represented by a 5-second fragment from one of your recordings/compositions from that month, adding up to exactly one minute. listening to the resulting 1 minute from my recordings, I think this was a promising year, alternately densely droning and surprisingly danceable.

JAN - west coast spine
FEB - macademia friends theme
MAR - maternal grandmother - quincunx
APR - ehh dance
MAY - night summons
JUN - summer sleeper
JULY - dice (a deterministic / oulipo-inspired Junto project I actually did but neglected to submit!)
AUG - tipsy navy
SEP - passersby
OCT - pure spine
NOV - aum ovata 3
DEC - swirl arc


Here’s my one minute of 2016:

January 2016:
interview via Skype with Tom America
February 2016:
interview with Stijn Meuris in Belgium Hasselt
March 2016:
‘Mooi gevoel’ idea recorded with my iPhone
April 2016:
5 seconds from the track Dooie Muis (
May 2016:
unknown demo
June 2016:
demotrack for my Rockmen ReFill (
July 2016:
‘NIMBY’ demo
August 2016:
Disco9 demo
September 2016:
’Waar naartoe’ idea recorded with my iPhone
Oktober 2016:
experiment with Auto-Tune
November 2016:
‘Droge Fonk’ demo
December 2016:
interview Spinvis in Breda

The playlist is now live:

I’ll update as the project proceeds. Happy (almost) new year, folks.


for this audio journal i decided to put the focus on work i did with some great musicians over 2016,as there are: sevenism,Kamikuma,The Quiet One, Rui Bonito,EK4T3,Daniel Diaz,name constant,Morten Jeamland,Yellow Salamand`r ,The Numbers In The Dream.

many thanks for the support to all the Juntonians and Marc.

it has been a very successful year here on SC for me,the last five years i had 1572 plays and i was very pleased and thankful for around twenty thousand something plays this year.

thank you so much.

unfortunately we had two fatalities in our family and many miserable
things happen to friends this year,so it would have been more kind of
nightmare scenario, like what happened to Paul,our bass player,he got
overrun by a truck while crossing the pedestrian lights.
result, two days in a induced coma,both legs broken,17 screws to get them fixed again and since almost four month in a med. convalescent home.

wish all a happy new year.


Dirty Dozen and Four Horseman(disquiet0261)

Happy New Year! This last prompt of 2016 seemed fairly straightforward until I started fitting all the pieces together. I used eight songs from the Junto projects and four from my other work as Tenscity. I had an idea of the prompt before the email and started picking songs but putting them chronologically meant I need to find different clips for a more pleasing flow. I also kept to the clip guidelines…no fades or overlap so all 12 are as recorded except for minor volume adjustments. I did throw an automated tape delay on the last 2 seconds and let the tail fade for an additional 5 seconds, hence the 1:05 length. When I started to think of names twelve led to a dozen and they are pretty dirty mixes :wink: but then the relationship of 12 to 2016 started me down another path. 12 songs of 2016 were missing 4 of something and of course the next thought for my year was the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse! 2016 started REALLY UGLY in my neck of the woods, so those four seemed very appropriate. So I took 1 second from 4 of the above clips, made a four second song and opened it in Sector. In Sector I slowed the four 1 second clips to 15 seconds each giving me a fittingly dark 1 minute horseback ride :smiley: After a touch of low end cutoff it was added as a sort of easter egg/outake/reminder to the rest making a grand total of 2:05 minutes of 2016 year end musical diary. Big thanks to Marc and all the gang at the Junto, your inspiration, music, listens, comments and likes has helped my music expand infinitely and dare I say improve as well :slight_smile: Best to you all for 2017!
Songs used (*used on Four horseman):
*Dilapibeta - Tenscity
Down 25 - Tensity
Ringyring - Tenscity
Pain in the Dice - Hypoid
Piergain- Hypoid
Soundpit - Hypoid
*Even Run - Hypoid
Waltz for a Dark Dream - Hypoid
Schöne Träume - Hypoid
*Dark Street - Hypoid
*Radio for the Damned - Hypoid
Ragedeye - Tenscity

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So good to see you on, as well as in person.

For me, the year began with great sadness, with the untimely passing of my brother’s wife in the final week of 2015. Other bad news came later in 2016: in the summer, I found out that the same brother has bladder cancer, and in the fall, I heard that another brother’s wife has multiple myeloma. Fortunately, both have hopeful prognoses at this point.

On the lighter side, my daughter and my niece married good men in the summer, and my wife and I visited Seattle to celebrate my daughter-in-law receiving her doctorate in applied math. And in April, I posted my first Disquiet Junto piece.

These are the sources for my 12 five-second clips:

January: Finding Footing
February: Orca
March: beat track from unfinished project (made with Microtonic)
April: disquiet0225-serialcomposition (my first Disquiet Junto entry!)
May: Subchords (disquiet0227)
June: Circuit (disquiet0232)
July: Greetings (disquiet0236)
August: Deckard (disquiet0243)
September: Routine (disquiet0245)
October: Sweet Dreams (disquiet0250)
November: Knock Knock Knock (disquiet0253)
December: Seven Inches Of Snow (disquiet0258)

Here’s the final track:

Have a safe, healthy, interesting and productive new year, everyone!



Here’s my journal of 2016. A Bakers Dozen of clips, 1 min in total.

2016 was a good year. Here’s to a great year, 2017!!

At 0:00:, did in January 2016, with my then-new purchase of the AAS VS-2 bank ‘Entangled Species’.
At 0:04:, for Disquiet Junto Project 0247: Waltz, Maybe.
At 0:08: My five-year-old son, singing a song he learned in school, with conviction! :slight_smile:
At 0:14: The boys on a tyre-swing…
At 0:17:, one of the source sounds for Disquiet Junto Project 0254: Fog and Steam. Breath-taking sound! The natural reverberation across a whole bay! What a beautiful sound…
At 0:19: From my purchase of the Air Instruments synths in July, quick demo track using Vacuum Pro only.
At 0:26: One of many jams with my mate Dwayne on guitar, me on my trusty MM Sub bass guitar…
At 0:35: A jazz improv jam, also with Dwayne, me on the bass, up nice and high on the freboard. Nice ambient room reverb augmenting the delay on guitar and smearing chorus on the bass…
At 0:41:, improv-collab with Pytchblend, I did some spontaneous vocals over the words he sent to me for his next track, a Sea Shanty.
At 0:43: Snip from a collab with WÜST, a piano part to interlock with WÜST’s amazing guitar part… Must finish this! :slight_smile:
At 0:49: Track I recorded with Dwayne in Ableton one evening.
At 0:52: Quick DI demo of a track Dwayne, Gary (drums) and I did one night, when Gary came back to Ireland for a flying visit this year.
At 0:57: Gotta keep moving!

Hope you enjoy, Eanna

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Big year - we sold our house, and I started a new job. I thought this had been a pretty dry year for me, but I actually created over 30 recordings in 2016 and that number doesn’t even include performances that were not recorded, pen-and-paper compositions, arrangements, and the two EP’s I released (one under a pseudonym).

Just goes to show how our perceptions are not always based in facts!

My “regular interval” for this compilation was every three weeks (so, in 2016, my longest dry spells were when I made only one recording in 3 weeks).

Since there’s not a lot to talk about compositionally for this one, let’s talk nerdy audio stuff: I tried using Soundflower for the first time - I just ran the audio from Soundcloud directly into Ableton Live and recorded it there. Pretty easy. And useful, considering Soundcloud decided it repeatedly “couldn’t find” the audio files I was trying to download. In Ableton, I sorted the excerpts into different types (pop, piano, noise, beats, etc.) and gave each type of music its own place in the audio field. A little compression on the master bus.

Also, this compilation begins and ends with a little throwback for those of us who remember when “compilations” were only made by record labels…

The pieces are:
:05 - :10 - 12 -
:10 - :15 - Tiny Layers, Meta Landscapes -
:15 - :20 - Arrite -
:20 - :25 - I Will Never Eat at That Particular Buffet Again -
:25 - :30 - The Temple Bells Do Not Hear Basho -
:30 - :35 - Emotions -
:35 - :40 - NND-DUB -
:40 - :45 - In Between the Walls -
:45 - :50 - Weinstein -
:50 - :55 - Get It Done! -
:55 - 1:00 - An Abandoned Bed -
1:00 - 1:05 - On Mighty Men -
1:05 - 1:10 - Serial Parameter Shift -
1:10 - 1:15 - Toes, Clothes & Thyme -
1:15 - 1:20 - Winter concert at my new job
1:20 - 1:25 - It’s Not A Toobah -

Photo by Bine Rodenberger on Flickr

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Happy new year,all!!

Some of my tracks fom 2016 in 5 sec length.


Ha ha Soundcloud spam is amazing. I post a noise track and some girl in a bikini messages me “OMG this beat is amazing I’d love to talk more message me at…”

I also violated the one-minute rule, you’re not alone! Someday I will manage to follow all the rules…


This is a collection of 5 second segments from 12 pieces recorded with modular synthesizers during 2016. Each segment is in chronological order from January to December 2016. The sounds are either generated or processed through modular. 2016 was the year I was introduced to the Disquiet Junto because of my ownership of a Monome. It was a fortuitous circumstance, and one that has been a valuable jump start to new creative methods. Happy 2017!


But you get bikini girls… I wish I was that lucky

a few arbitrarily collected|concatenated|favourite things : : : public transport infrastructure // pricks off the radio/ granular delay, // domesticity // a predilection for slowing things down // sine waves (from work for a Junto!) // bumbling percussive events // hiss // rain // more sine waves // more domesticity // more bumbling percussive events // clicks ‘n’ hisses //

may 2017 be as delicately pleasing as finding the year’s digits scrambled in a Junto project number (vain hope, right? but ygm)

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But you get bikini girls… I wish I was that lucky

Ha ha - well to be clear, they are not real girls, just bots programmed by some sketchy scumbag in a basement somewhere…

nice :slight_smile:
cool sounds

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Hi everybody, here’s my track :slight_smile:
‘in illo tempore…’ - Some 2016 researches for textures and soundscapes using Sugar Bytes Obscurium, INA GRM Tools, IrcamLab TS, Logic plugins, Borderlands Granular, A Tasty Pixel Loopy HD, etc.
Plus a little transgression with a touch of DnB using FXpansion Geist.
Happy New Year, my friends.

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a good year for sounds, at least.

some months had many sounds, some none. in aggregate, though, this soundscape covers my 2016.


Happy New Year to Everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m a bit short on time this week, so I ended up with a much longer track, because making choices and trimming content requires too much brain power right now. I also didn’t entirely follow directions, but I hope you’ll still enjoy the mish-mash of sounds from my studio from 2016.

Full description on soundcloud…

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Here it is:

One minute long, 5 seconds per month.
1- me singing a stoned christmas song written by me
2- me saying I eat your face in the phone
3- playing with ableton
4- playing with ableton
5- trying the dpo
6- playing with pressure points
7- playing for the first time with a music easel
8- music easel solo
9- music easel track for Don Buchla’s death
10- modular track while discovering the sequencing of sequencers
11- generative modular track mainly with braids
12- modular track with turing machine and dpo.

unedited and uncompressed and un-nothing, since I am in the office and can’t listen to it before you do. :smiley:

(also: first post! just joined! hello everyone!)