Make Karaoke video to display lyrics (Mac)?

No, I’m not kidding !

I’m currently working on an installation/project with children, and I’d love to be able to create my own video files to display synced lyrics with a “status” color (you know, this scrolling effect).

I’m struggling hard to find an app to do this on Mac.

I tried “KantoSyncro” and “iKaraoke Tune Prompter”, but both seem cumbersome and the sync process is a real pain.
What i’d love is the ability to see the waveform and be able to adjust the word’s position according to it.

Any idea, help ?
Someone here must have done this before for someone’s wedding !

It may be a lot of work, but could you achieve the effect you are looking for in keynote? Magic move transitions are pretty good for creating the illusion of movement.

Thanks, but it seems way too much complicated.
I’m really looking for a nice workflow as it can possibly lead to dozens of songs.

I haven’t synced lyrics to video using proper karaoke software, but I have done tons of text to video and it’s a very similar process. I’d suggest using a video editor like iMovie, premiere or after effects, and using the built in text tools. you can animate the text using the automation tools in those softwares.

Depending on how much your committed to the scrolling text it might be quite a pain no matter the direction?

here’s an after effects tutorial after a minute of searching -->

This looks promising, perhaps there is an easy way to tap into the subtitles feature of a video player like they are doing here (although this whole workflow seems complicated and out of date):

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That’s really helpful, thanks !

Don’t know if this is useful but it seems it might be. Reaper is lovely in terms of it’s flexibility and functionality, if you haven’t tried it before.

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You can look into how to create subtitle files (which can have karaoke effect). The fansub people use “Aegisub

not the best video, but an example of making a karaoke video:

EDIT – oops I just realized this is the same video as linked above. However, Aegisub is probably your best/easiest solution for this.


Thanks all !

As I’m looking for a cheap or free solution, Reaper and Aegisub seem like weapons of choice.

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I second Aegisub. Amazing software. Thanks!

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