Make Music for a Solar Eclipse (Disquiet Junto 0292)


I like the mood here, a bit menacing while still kinda awed.


Always enjoy the way you incorporate prose into your responses and the loops sound beaut too.


Great use of tension and release. The guitar part got me thinking about Breaking Bad’s soundtrack, which is a bit of a shame to have your musical response eclipsed by that narrative in my head.


Lovely sense of the majestic in this piece. It is quite wondrous the way the moon seems to fit the space of the sun.


As with all of my content, this entire process was documented in a live stream at

A single solar eclipse was described in audio form. There are three sections of note.

1: The light of the Sun prior to the eclipse. A previous track (Bleed Diffusion) was reversed, pitch-shifted, and vocoded to produce the foundation of the track. A single vocal ‘ahhh’ lies alongside this in a worship-like drone.

2: The eating of the Sun. Elements of the track build up with distortion. White noise increases at an increasing rate. The vocals sing higher and higher notes, crescendoing to climax. As the point of total eclipse approaches, the white noise and foundation are pitch-bent into a low note that continues on under the track.

3: The sound of the eclipse itself. A bad recording from an analogue communications receiver is layered subtly over itself. This forms an iris, a central eye (or a blink).

This process was repeated at the end of the track in reverse to denote the end of the eclipse and the return of the Sun.


Both eclipses are lovely.


Thanks!!, I’ve been editing to keep the second one and make the track shorter, still not sure if I’ll update it. Your comment makes me go for a “leave it like that” decision. Sometimes is good to be lazy after all :slight_smile:


First thanks to Marc and later congratulations on your birthday!!!
My Eclipse track based on two chords, Cmaj7 for the sun and Fminor for the moon. I recorded some ebow tones with my acoustic guitar, 6 tones for each chord. Than I put each tone in samplr, one project with the c tones and one for the f tones. Worked that out and recorded in cubasis on my IPad. Simple story!! The noise comes from the ebow recordings.
Have fun!!


this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to this week’s disquiet junto with the serial number 0292. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to record a piece of music which ponders on the first full solar eclipse in 99 years in the US.

99 years is a long time so please forgive me for the overall length of this piece. also, the coming 28 years until the next such event will have to be covered adequately…

i have witnessed a full solar eclipse in my early adolescence years in europe and it has been magic. on a badly overcast day, right in the centre of the core shadow of this spectacle, driving on a remote motorway int he middle of nowhere. no signs of the sun anywhere. more likely a shower of rain. but then the unexpected happened: the clouds opened up a whole just as big as the sun the moment the event started. i and everybody else pulls over. no more traffic. silence. a feeling of dusk is covering the landscapes. even the birds mute their calls. quiet. still. peaceful. and then the golden disc is starting to reappear. slowly but persistently. there is no stopping. light is finding its way over the landscape and eventually the clouds are closing up again. the daily noise returns - everything as if nothing would have happened…


The last US eclipse near me was back in 1984.

Improvised a line, then replicated/layered many Korg soft synths of various permutations. Because, 1980s.

(Welcome to the future)>


Cheers all!

Fate Of Rahu(disquiet0292)
I knew there would be a eclipse prompt at some point, but only gave it a passing glance thought. In between all the busy bits of life I have been making patches in apesoft’s Mood synth, which is a brilliant and expansive 3 oscillator beast with unbelievable controls and automation. Two of these patches found their way into this weeks noise, and both use an additional oscillator to change frequencies and wave shapes. As I said, not much planning but working with hints of forethought, so no real significance of length, but a sense of serene apprehension during the second contact. Multiple recordings of both patches were overlaid into four tracks and with some minor eq and separation adjustments. A fifth track using Micrologue runs an almost sub synth with pitch automation at the ecliptic epoch. The name references the Hindu demon responsible for eclipses and is in my opinion the most interesting and plausible explanation of this rare occurrence!

Every knob on this beast can be controlled by varying oscillators(wave 2 and 3 in this shot…what fun :smile:
Another video-


2017 Solar Eclipse [disquiet0292]
Disquiet 0292 Eclipse Music

My interpretation of the 2017 solar eclipse (includes Baily’s Beads at 2:00).
Created with Braids, FMVDO, Clouds, Ripples, and delay. Edited with Audacity.

Photo by: Arief R. Sandan (Ezagren)

More on this 292nd weekly Disquiet Junto project — Eclipse Music: In coordination with St. Louis Art Hack Day, make some solar-inspired tunes — at:


i immediately thought of the opening theme of six feet under. the sudden shift between dark and light in the music - weirdly, i remember there being an eclipse in the opening credits but watching again there isn’t (reality eclipsing memory).

my track didnt turn out how i anticipated. the music is cloudier and obscured, not as sharp or sudden. i used an older track, ‘in aura’, played through a synth with reverse delay and other guitar fx


I imagined a solar eclipse in the time and place when people didn’t understand astronomy the way we do today. A bit like that scene in King Solomon’s Mine or A Conneticut Yankee or Tintin. I made the mood and arrangement follow the transition of the sun and the people’s reaction. A normal sunny day, then the panic as the sun disappears, complete darkness, then the relief as the sun reappears followed by celebration (and cheesy guitar solos).

I used a Yamaha DX7 and TX816, a Serge modular, a thumb piano, a 28" gong, a bass guitar and an electric guitar.



A sort of ceremonial rite. using guitar feedback and hurdy gurdy .



Sorry, a bit long and metaphorical :slight_smile:


In thinking about the prompt, I adapted and honed a sprawling patch to build the sort of feeling that I would imagine peoples with no scientific explanatory power for the event of a solar eclipse would have felt. Some combination of terror, excitement, awe, and ominous foreboding washing over a gaping, rapt crowd; a collective feeling of significance for having witnessed the event mixed with idea that the caprice of nature – with no regard for how we interpret the transit – is rather showing us our own insignificance.

To wit, a simple chord progression was recorded into Morphagene, fed out into combinations of Rings, Three Sisters, and Clouds with Kammerl Beat Repeat mode. Tempi unites everything and provides the clock for polygomé played with a 128 through an SQ-1 into Elements and a basso Shapeshifter.


Hello hello, Finally able to participate again this week…

I was just about to have a quick saxophone practice when I read the instructions for this weeks Disquiet Junto. Then the idea of doing a response just with the sax appeared. I set up some mics and started playing with the thought to record a bunch of stuff then layer/loop it later. So each layer was recorded without listening to the others.
The basic idea that evolved whilst playing was to start with a bunch of loops playing symbolizing the chaotic busy world with everyone doing their thing, then all slowing and becoming aware of the eclipse and having a time of reflection and release, then as the light returns getting back into the day yet a bit lighter and more in tune with each other. Minor before the eclipse changing to Major during and after.


made with multiple loops from a short sample of a church organ which were pitch shifted and/or put through granular filters. I was going for a quasi religious “apocalyptic” feel as the sun is blotted out and the world is (momentarily)plunged into darkness.