Make Music for a Solar Eclipse (Disquiet Junto 0292)


Hi, “my” eclipse is the tremor of my eyes that try to see the slow and constant eclipsing of the sun till the end, when I’m able to open my eyes again.
I’ve used: a Boss RE-20 Space Echo for fx, Nord Electro 5D and iSEM for the loops and a trumpet sample taken from the Fairlight for iOS, resampled and played with an OP-1.

Thanks a lot for your initiatives


Having witnessed the full solar eclipse in Europe in August 1999 I tried to capture the mood.

I stood on a field in the middle of nowhere and a bright and sunny day got damped down. One could see the sun getting covered more and more until it was dark and only a bright ring was visible. Only schemes of my surroundings were visible, it was windy and the temperature dropped noticeably. When it was over the day seemed even brighter than before.

The track was performed and recorded in one take on a 6U/90HP modular synthesizer.


HI there, I started with a simple overly neat idea of layers sound revealing and obscuring each other of course the actual process revealed other connections with associations to solar activity and the passing of decades of time…or something like that… custom 'instruments’junk and old harmonium as processed and sampled instruments


my little offering is kind of uninspired compared with what I’ve seen thus far but at least I’m back to contributing after a few weeks of being completely offline. Missed you folks… this is basically taking the idea of the moon shutting off the sunlight and leaving only light around the rims… here the sunlight is the spectral footprint of extremely fast counterpoint… the middle voices are gradually attenuated until for 1 second they are totally silent and you only hear the extreme upper and extreme lower voice… then they fade back in until the full volume at the end of the piece.


Here’s mine:

I tried a few approaches that didn’t bear fruit, including trying to sonify a data table of the eclipse’s path across the USA. Finally, just working quickly and intuitively, I came up with this piece.


Well, I was keen in this being a “walk” of some sort. Back in 2015, I a SW radio sweep during the full solar eclipse,listening in on how the progression if the eclipse affected SW radio propagation.

For this, I selected a number of interested samples from that sweep. Then, I sequenced them using Conway’s Game of Life algorithms in Pure Data.
(Only an 8X8 cell canvas I’m afraid, so it was mostly small-population oscillators.)

And here it is:

RadioWalk #00: Conway Eclipse (Disquiet0292)



I ended up doing a Scape-based piece as my studio is currently packed up again.

Recorded off onto my Zoom H4n, transferred to Audacity. Split and rearranged, tailed in and out.


Chasing Eclipse 2017 live


More link repair… slowly moving off SC: