Make Noise 10 Yr Anniversary


Modular on the Spot lineup:

Lily Moresi
Devin Booze
Alissa DeRubeis
Oliver Dodd
Walker Farrell
Nathan Marino
Mike Dobler
Chelsea Hendrickson
Mark Crowley


happy to see a diverse lineup! hmm asheville is only like 5 hours away i might have to do this!


I’m going :slight_smile:


Make Noise found another source of vactrols and will be doing a second run of the QMMG reissue, which is expected to be available sometime this fall. I was told that first run required 120+ hours of vactrol sorting to ensure that they were super consistent, and this the most consistent version of the QMMG to date. And for those who are curious about the price, along with the second run announcement, they updated the price from TBD to $649.


Lily Moresi is super talented. We shared a bill in Asheville a few years back. Do not miss! :slight_smile:


i’m playing as part of the saturday night show at black cloud (moved from mothlight) at 10pm. anyone interested in meeting up earlier on saturday?


I’ll be spending most of Saturday at the Ambrose West event space, checking out the pop-up shop, synth library, and panel discussions. I’d be down to meet up after that’s done since there’s some time between that and the start of the All Go West showcase.


I’ve only been to Asheville once and that was about 10 years ago so I’m going to loosely follow the Make Noise schedule, veering off to check out other stuff over the weekend. @madeofoak I’ll try to swing by Black Cloud to check out your set, do you have any more info? I checked their site but couldn’t find an events section.


Apologies for the tacky post, but if anyone is going and willing and interested, I am happy to pay for someone to pick up one of those QMMGs for me, (I am across the country in WA state) please pm for details!


Here’s the schedule from All Go West’s site:


Will be headed to Asheville for the festivities. Love that they’re doing a Modular On The Spot - the one at Moogfest had some of the best sets there!


Hello. I may be mistaken, but did you play the Modular On The Spot at Moogfest this year? (if I have the right name…)

If so, not trying to be weird - just wanted to say that I enjoyed your set. :slight_smile:


Turns out I can’t make it so I have an extra ticket to the Friday show. If anyone is interested in buying it off me shoot me a message!


Awe thanks! Yes it was me. Moogfest was a blast! I was bummed I missed out on meeting up with the other IIIII people.


Also Ill be at the 10yr. Lets have a IIII/Monome meet up everyone!


I hadn’t ventured out on Lines beyond the Disquiet projects until recently - sadly, missed out on the Moogfest thread until after the fact. Moogfest was a blast! Expecting the same will be the case for MN this weekend. Good to meet you here! :slight_smile:


Awesome to finally meet people like @Benjamin_Mauch and @fourhexagons at Ambrose West today.


Been a wonderful experience so far! Great meeting you as well @caelmore!


I feel like I’m still coming down from this past weekend. My wallet is happy that I didn’t spend too much while I was there, but I’m currently regretting not grabbing the various records, shirts, and posters they were selling at HQ. Oh well. Looking forward to the revisiting the panel discussions and what not that they documented, whenever those recordings find their way online.


I hope those recordings end up online, for those of us that couldn’t attend!