Make Noise Mimeophon

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Wow, Tony and the gang have been busy!

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I think I remember Tony saying - possibly around the time after the discontinuation of RxMx, or when QPAS came out - that they are working on quite a few new modules, possibly a comment on IG or on a forum.

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It’s a zone of the enders themed module - collabo with Hideo Kojima

edit: I have an uncle who works at make noise


I don’t recall if the comment made it into any of the archived panel discussions from the 10 Yr Celebration last summer, but I vaguely recall Tony saying they had something like 8 to 10 modules in various states of development. Since then, we’ve seen René v2, QPAS, X-Pan, and whatever this unexpected new module is revealed to be. I was honestly not expecting a second module to be announced for Superbooth, and thought X-Pan was the new thing they’d be showing off.

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That might have been it, I think I also remember something along that number of modules in development.

Yeah I agree after a while it becomes pretty tiresome and feeds into the consumerist shiny new collectible aspect of eurorack that can so often overshadow our ability to see the creative potential in what we already have. But also Make Noise is of course a business and it’s probably the best and easiest way to drum up marketing hype so I can’t really fault them for it. :man_shrugging:


They only draw out the drama for ~ 24 - 48 hours…which isn’t too bad. They’ve got a lot of mouths to feed, I’m ok with it. Plus I enjoy the speculation.

I think this new module is mult.

A very very fancy mult.


And I had just planned a new case layout around the Xpan! Oh well, gotta sell something else.

In the IG comments Make Noise said that the module is 16hp. Interested to see what it is!

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I hope they call it Jehuty.


Given the width, the name “Zone”, and the graphic, i would guess it’s the RxMx update. Something that scans through multiple sources.

OK here’s my oddball guess. Mysteron replacement, modal stereo oscillator.

i have no idea but here is a random guess: state selectable multi band compressor/distortion based on rxmx and dynamix and fxfd

What catches my eye is the set of parallel lines to the right of the knob. They seem to be logarithmically spaced (just like harmonics viewed on a spectrogram), and one of them is highlited in gold, suggesting the knob selects an harmonic. Much like centroid on Telharmonic. Telharmonic 2?

16hp stereo mult. 20 characters

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Echophon successor?


Most probably, yes. There’s repeats, mix, rate (time?), reverse, hold (initiate infinite feedback?), color (delay tone), and clock divider/multiplier. I’m not sure what halo and zone are, but if I’d have to guess, some kind of multi-tap functionality, and stereo panning?

I would guess stereo multi-tap delay w/ halo being some kind of blur functionality that smudges the repeats.

I was selfishly hoping for an erbe-verb v2 so I could pick up a cheap v1 when people invariably flip them for the new shiny and the used prices fall (like phonogene and v1 Rene).


Short audio clip, but still hard to interpret.