Make Noise Mimeophon

I’m holding out for black Echophon and Erbe-Verb. Sellers in Canada please contact nutritionalzero.


Good lord that’s good.

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Overnighting a Mimeophon and QPAS from Perfect Circuit today for a show tomorrow. Here’s to hoping I can attempt to wrap my head around them enough to make good use of them in time. All these demos have really gotten me extremely excited to see what kind of possibilities this is going to open up for what has up to now been a pretty small and lacking rack


Oh god… when do they arrive and what time is your set? :sweat_smile:

I got both of these last week and I’m barely, barely where I want to be.

Keep it simple. Stick to one ZONE on Mimeophon if you can and watch the resonance on QPAS. (I’m finding it harder to adapt to its response curve versus my usual filter Three Sisters than I thought.)

Grace under pressure, isn’t it! :sunglasses:


Hopefully sometime in the morning. Probably going to have to be at the show around 7ish so I’m thinking if I’ve got a few hours I can at least get some of the basics down.

Right now my rack is just Plaits, Pam’s New Workout, Marbles, and a Morphagene so at this point I’m mostly thinking about routing options that are now available to me. Most of the modular stuff is going to be rooted around improv noise with some melodic stuff here and there so I’m not TOO concerned. At this point even if I’m using QPAS as a simple filter that happens to be stereo and the Mimeophon as a simple delay, it’ll still add a TON to what we’ve been working with so far. Then really stretching them to their fullest comes in

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I think I managed to confuse my Mimeophon somehow:

I clocked it from Marbles t1 with a pattern (e.g. not a steady clock), at a really slow tempo. I was in zone 3 for a while, with a high repeat setting, a little bit of skew, messing with color and halo, and a complex audio rate signal into Flip.

At some point I tried to change zones and it just wouldn’t. Rate still seemed to have an effect, as did all the other controls, but it remained stubbornly in zone 3. (I didn’t have any CV into the Zone input either.)

I unplugged the clock, tried a bunch of things and then after several seconds, it was able to switch.

Any ideas? I just tried to repeat the behavior and couldn’t; zone changes are pretty much immediate.

I’ve been working on a patch for a performance next weekend, and I think it’s easier to understand/control feeding Mimeophon into Morphagene, than the other way around. I started out processing Morphagene output with Mimeophon, and it was difficult to tell where the weirdness from one ended and the other began. Not a bad thing, but putting Mimeo first, I feel I have more control, and it makes more sense when using Mimeo as a sound source. I love throwing new modules into a performance, and haven’t had any problems.

I’ve run across a few modules (like PEG) that just go bonkers with a random gates input as a clock. It sounds like you randomly stumbled on a certain pattern that messed up the firmware. Would report it to MN and see what they say.

I think you just momentarily unraveled the very fabric of the spacetime continuum.

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Although you did not have any CV into Zone at the time you noticed the behaviour, had you patched any CV into Zone at any point since last powering on your system?

Trying to think through something similar I noticed.

Nope, I think the only thing I modulated with CV in that session was Color.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that if I had a set somewhat prepared, a new delay and filter couldn’t possibly complicate things. At least not in bad way :wink:

I’ll give you dibs on Erbe if I ever decide to sell but unlike most, Echophon is a cold dead hands module for me. Absolutely adore it :black_heart:


patched the mimeophon output through an envelope follower back into the rate input so runaway feedback would disrupt the repeats… just saying


My variation of the old adage is “you can never have enough delays.” I have been utilizing the 'phons and they have distinct characters. The Echophon is dirtier and more aggressive sounding that Mimeophon to my ears and the feedback path is appreciated, though not a feature I use all that much. Maybe nw that I have another delay I can start exploring the pitch shifting and other applications. Definitely keeping both.


Alright got them in about 2 hours ago and I’m in LOVE. Really into the fact that I can max out repeats without it running away and getting too harsh but with color it still adds a really nice texture to what’s going in. QPAS goes wonderfully with it as well and I’m interested to see where I can take it beyond my initial basic patch of Plaits>QPAS>Mimeophon with Marbles and Pams doing some modulation/sequencing. The zone control feels a little more straight forward than I was thinking it would be which has been nice I think.

Will report back as I dive deeper and deeper

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I’m still playing with QPAS patched after Mimeophon for whatever reason.

With Mimeophon Mix fully CW and COLOR fully CCW I’m already getting a really dark version of my source material. QPAS is then rolling off even more frequencies. It’s a very degraded, dark, but controlled sound.


Haha, I’m always doing that too, filtering and sculpting things into dark murkiness. It seems so ridiculous to be spending so much on gear to make something so gritty sounding.

Thanks to Instagram, cassette recorders are now out of my price range, so I make do with eurorack. :expressionless:

Mustn’t grumble, etc.


Lol, seriously. Who’d have thunk it.

Don’t even get me started with little micro cassette dictaphones.

I often wish that there was some multitrack digital recorder that actually behaved like a 4 track cassette recorder. The zoom ones just miss the mark by doing too much with too few buttons.

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lolol blame instagram if you like (i know you like to, and i love it :joy: ) but i was literally trying to give away a tascam 4-track on here in august before i moved and no one wanted it, ended up giving it to a friend. Got a marantz pmd-221 for <$20 plus shipping so it’s possible but it maybe takes some digging. dictaphones… i agree i’m not sure they’re worth what they go for but isn’t that hainbach’s fault not instagrams? XP

(maybe if we start a rumor that mimeophone killed tapeloops we can get everyone to sell their tape gear along with their delay modules hehe)