Make Noise Mimeophon


I would guess stereo multi-tap delay w/ halo being some kind of blur functionality that smudges the repeats.

I was selfishly hoping for an erbe-verb v2 so I could pick up a cheap v1 when people invariably flip them for the new shiny and the used prices fall (like phonogene and v1 Rene).


Short audio clip, but still hard to interpret.


I’m also guessing stereo delay:

Repeats = feedback
Zone = tap distribution
Halo = diffusion, like on Poly Moon
Color = feedback path eq

If not too expensive, could definitly be the delay that I don’t have at the moment, after my polymoon left the house.


Always so frustrating when the first clips of something exciting and interesting are a complicated patch of noise where you can’t tell what’s going on.


to me you can really hear the echoes—they even speed up into pitched sound at one point. the name too, mimeo as in mimeograph, a forerunner of the photocopier + phon, as well as the Soundhack tie-in make me pretty convinced we’re looking at some sort of (stereo) delay


I recall the tradeshow launch of the Morphagene a couple years ago… all we had was truly awful-sounding sound samples and lots of confusion. It took weeks before we really understood what it was or was capable of.

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Have recorder with me. Will see if I can grab better recordings.


This could pair well with the morphagene :slight_smile:


Size is great, hope to hear more soon !


I love delays.
I will try any delay.
Any day.
so, this is exciting to me
especially since Echophon did not survive in my studio.
keen on giving this one a go.


Anything about a new Make Noise power board to handle all these new modules?


sonicstate vidya!


Sounds really nice. Really appreciate that it’s not huge, either.


Huh, looks like there is a 104hp “stereo system” too.


The Microsound Music Machine, Walker said. Looks like wogglebug, maths, Morphagene, qpas, mimeophon(e) and new 6 HP mixer and stereo output module Xoh


I won’t be selling my Rainmaker to get one, but this does seem pretty neat. I could potentially see switching out my Doepfer BBD if I get tired of that. :slight_smile:

I definitely want to hear a proper demo in stereo without the Superbooth noise, and simpler input, to get a better feel for its character.

I’m guessing Zone is some kind of macro control over multitap, or something like it. And I’m curious what the μ input is.


Zone seemed to be more like the size of the loops than number of repeats or rate of repeats. Like the zone control could go from tiny, microsound slices up to a few second loops.

The u might be a macro control, following the lines on the panel, so it would control Halo, Color and Rate.

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Ah… Rate is the overall delay time, but Zone is maybe sort of a reset of the play head within the buffer? Not quite taps then.

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In the description of Zones (around 3:00) I see some overlap with Morphagene, it will be very interesting to see how all of these new generation of MN modules play together.

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This sounds like a really fun and flexible system.