Make Noise modules: design, usability, theory, philosophy, etc


Looks like Make Noise just announced that they’re switching over their whole lineup to use only white knobs- a choice I love because I’ve been doing that myself for ages! They look so nice without the blue knobs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The blue knobs were just too dark to see the pointers under some lighting conditions.

I wish Noise Engineering would change their knobs… the glare off them makes the pointers invisible.


Got a good source to order said white knobs?


got mine from here


Thanks, I’ll check back later when they’re in stock!


Noise engineering knobs are d shaft, so you can swap right over to the same knobs as make noise easily if you so desire!


I’ve swapped them before. They’re difficult to remove, densely placed, and many of their modules have encoders where you don’t want standard pointer knobs, so I wasn’t super happy with the results.


would the “2S Encoder Knobs” from Rogan/Thonk be too large for Noise Engineering modules with encoders? I don’t have any of theirs, so maybe the medium knob would just be too big.


I don’t actually have any Noise Engineering modules anymore to check, but I do seem to recall thinking the 2S encoder knobs were going to be too wide based on the size of the 2PS knobs.


For anyone looking for white Rogan knobs to replace their blue knobs, make sure today you’re getting the medium sized unskirted ones. The smaller ones are meant for the attenuators/attenuverters and are the slightest bit shorter than the medium knobs.


(staff edit: to keep this thread on-topic, covering the philosophy and design of make noise modules, the lengthy discussion & speculation on the upcoming/new stereo signal processor has been moved to its own thread: Make Noise: new stereo signal processing module. once the name of the module is known, that thread will be retitled.)


Looks like the Make Noise crew did some cleaning on the website recently to prepare for the new module announcement, with discontinued modules like the Mysteron and MMG removed from the module list (manuals can still be found for discontinued and v1 modules in that section) and product images (except RxMx) switched to the all-white-knob aesthetic.

Possibly of interest to some of you is this little update I noticed on the QMMG page:

“We are working on being able to offer a run of QMMGs through our dealers. We have had a parts delay and hope to have these available late summer 2019.”