Make Noise Multiple Help

I need help understanding how the patching works on the Make Noise Multiple. I’ve been staring at the pictures of the unit for a good 30 minutes and I can’t wrap my head around how the various combinations (3x3, 1x5, 1x3, 1x7) works. Can you patch any jack as an in and then the other jacks act as outs? How do the two white circled jacks work with the groups?

Can anyone explain it to me before I purchase it? I’m looking for a solid mult and Make Noise always seems to deliver feature rich modules that have multiple layers of functionality.

I feel silly being unable to understand this quite simple module, so any help would be humbly appreciated.

start from the top down, if you only use sockets without a white ring, they all connect. Use a socket with a white ring and breaks the connection before it, and passes it’s signal down.

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Handy little one-sheet that covers both the Passive Mult and the CV Bus Mults:


This is exactly what I need! Awesome! Great resource and thank you!

There’s a whole set of them if you have any other Make Noise modules you need clarified:

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Dang this is great. Looks like he stopped making these docs. Too bad, they were well done.