Make Noise QMMG

I managed to get my hands on an OG Make Noise QMMG last week (traded an Elements + cash) and am super impressed with how flexible, playable and great sounding it is!

I have been going through old threads on MW about it, but can’t find much discussion on how it fits into a more up to date eurorack ecosystem (also I feel so much more at home here :grimacing: :heart: ).

Who else here is using one in their system, OG or reissue? What are you finding works well with it, and what are the interesting things you’ve discovered?

I feel that running two Mangroves is a pretty ideal combo with the QMMG. The Mangroves being able to attenuate their own output, being able to coax softer tones through to overdrive, and being able to create nice rich harmonic tones for the vactrols/LPG/filters to bite into. Mangrove with its own shaping of tone and amplitude with “air” works super well with the natural response of the QMMG, using envelopes for creating very organic, acoustic quality tones.
Being such a big module I didn’t think it would be so well suited to smaller cases but being so versatile has proven otherwise. I’d even consider a tiny portable system of ansible, Maths, QMMG, dual Mangrove, Cold Mac and delay/reverb and would be pretty satisfied!

Some sounds I’ve created so far:


I have an OG, I use it mostly with my DPO. I’ll often use the channels in series, one as a LP and another as VCA, or a LP/HP.


I have a reissue. I also use it as 2 VCA, LP/HP. I also like to use it with 4 different oscillators or sound sources and have a series of LP/HP filters that I can be more perforative with. Having 4 filters so close together is really fun for live performance.

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I’m still very much in the learning stages with a reissue QMMG, despite having had it for months now. Yesterday I set up something where a wogglebug was sending CV to two slightly different HPFs, creating a neat nuanced panning effect. My approach at first was to patch something and then switch through modes. Am now trying to use more subtly than the ‘screaming resonance’ patch I seem to default to.

Love the qmmg, but for the price the mmg ain’t bad!

Would love to have one someday :slight_smile:

MMG or QMMG? Both are cool!

QMMG and 20 characters!

MMG plus optomix can get you most of the way to what a qmmg can do. It’s a really fun module, still worth owning even with QPAS. One note though, I’ve owned several mmgs before and they’ve varied pretty intensely in terms of resonance behavior, one was predictable and would self resonate consistently, another would lose the ability to self resonate after case had been powered on for more than 15 minutes.

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Perfectly said! My issue with make noise is that they keep expanding rapidly for the GAS in all of us, when all their stuff can be patched to do more or less the same.

Well, the Optomix and MMG were more or less designed to replace the QMMG, so it’s intentional their functionalities overlap. But the QMMG has the advantage of fairly matched channels, which can be an issue with their other vactrol based modules, as they can vary wildly.


Exactly this, which makes it feel very instrumental. Also QMMG has all the normalisations which makes it easy to create interesting filters and gates and the ability to mix four separate inputs, the flexibility of which makes the QMMG really shine.

I think Optomix and MMG are great and definitely overlap, but they’re also an alternative.

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Update from Make Noise on the QMMG page:

We tried really hard to make a run of QMMG in 2019, but the parts that arrived weren’t what we wanted, and we haven’t been able to identify good old stock to finish this run. We are still working on a solution, and will post an update here when we have news. Please note that shops were never given the ok to take orders because we didn’t yet have these in production.


Well my order has been placed some time ago and I’m happy to wait another year if I have to.
Fingers crossed that a good old stock of vactrols turns up. Looking forward to meet you QMMG.

Can’t afford one but built a quad Clee Resonant Lowpass Gate and it’s ended up one of the few modules I’ve always hung onto. It has CV control over the mode, which is a nice bonus. Pain in the arse to build the Euro version though.

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How do they sound? Any examples?

Not at hand but many parameters can be customised by selecting slower or faster vactrols and trimming the resonance response so two units built by different people may not sound the same. Mine sounds a bit like a Borg 1, if that helps.

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