Make Noise QPAS: Quad Peak Animation System


Make Noise posted a teaser image and Perfect Circuit will be streaming a demo with Tony for their latest module, an all-analog stereo signal processor.

Make Noise modules: design, usability, theory, philosophy, etc
Make Noise modules: design, usability, theory, philosophy, etc

I was sure their next module was going to be Echophon ii. All analog delay would be very exciting. I know erbe is super into tin can delays but even more into dsp


Solid guess. That image screams panned stereo delay.

I probably should sell my echophon right now given how Clouds, the Erbe Verb and the Nebulae have all pushed a few of my patches towards the stereo side of things.


Where is said image?



I don’t have any Eurorack, but I liked Mr. Rolando and his modules whenever I encountered them, and I’m chuffed to see new product coming from the Make Noise camp. Thanks for the heads-up; I’ll check this out.


my quiet hope is for a stereo mmg kinda struck filter/gate but i bet its a delay!


With this New Module approaching and René2 being not really teased at all (although its a beast) i‘d say the new 1 could be another Classic Synth Concept dug out by Rolando-hmmm a fixed filter bank maybe? Serge territory?? What is there that hasnt been thought of???:smiley:




Stereo Rxmx? Radiate is one of the paramters on the module…


RxMx must be considered stereo already, right? Six inputs and three outputs.


I like what I hear, and I fear the temptation :woozy_face:


a redesigned stereo RxMx makes a lot of sense given their current ecosystem and i hope it’s pretty boss and only costs $5


Good point :grimacing:
Also, the infinity symbol is the same as on the Erbe-Verb. What’s going on here?


My wishful thinking wild guess is, stereo analog short delay for physical modeling, comb filtering etc. We’re seeing spread controls and the infinity symbol is on a feedback knob. If that’s what it is and it tracks V/OCT they have sold me one. :laughing:


I’d put a hold on new module purchases, but this may change that…


I’m not 100% certain, but I think the infinity symbol might just be present in that video because the module is next to the Erbe-Verb. Moving the Echophon out (as they did with the QMMG promo videos) and placing the New Thing where the Erbe-Verb normally sits in the Shared System makes sense to me considering that space is directly above the 7U’s TRS stereo output.


I guess we’ll know soon enough :slight_smile:


That big triangle makes it seem like a stereo MMG / delay hybrid. Maybe stacked gates that act as delay taps?

Edit: I’m also guessing the expander provides access to each of those gate taps sans stereo processing.


Does it look like there is an expander? In one of those images I feel like I see another row of outputs as a separate module