Make Noise QPAS: Quad Peak Animation System


I’m not sure why there’s so much speculation about delay functionality when there’s been very little evidence pointing in that direction. Ever since the initial tease of “all-analog, stereo signal processing,” I’ve been thinking about it in relation to related modules like the LRMSMSLR and SoundStage from Worng Electronics and the Nearness module that we’ve all seen come to fruition on this forum, with a Make Noise twist, of course.


Yeah a delay doesn’t seem very likely to me either, peeps thought the Rene vids were teasing a wavefolder… My guess is some sort of expandable RxMx / Dynamix mashup.


I’m gonna take a stab and say it’s some hybrid of the DPO and 0-coast waveshaping/folding section, maybe a dual unit or some interesting input/output strategy that does stereo and panning.


Oh dang I think you might be on the right track; Make Noise’s Instagram story has wavefolding animation/soundclip with the word MULTIPLY overlayed :smiley:


That definitely is an implication of that story post. :thinking: Additionally, that gels with the !! and inverted !! that they posted a few days ago, which is also found on the Overtone section of the 0-Coast, which I didn’t recognize, having never spent time with one.


Anyone else here going to the event? Turns out I’ll be in LA for work, so I thought I’d pop over to Perfect Circuit Wednesday night.


For me, it’s because the “Something new” teaser sounds like a short delay acting in a comb filter / resonator sort of way. Also the stack of lines on the “big triangle” to me suggests repeats (or depth perhaps), and the “Radiate-L” control has those icons that look like a spread of some kind.

It could be a comb made of individual bandpasses though I guess?

It doesn’t sound or look like a wavefolder, and definitely not like the 0-Coast one.

The thing that looks like an expander might be individual outputs for delay taps…?

It’s also possible they’re going to announce more than one thing.

Speculation is fun, and like someone said on MW, it’s going to be good for a laugh once the details are actually spilled. :slight_smile:


One of the videos posted on their IG was an honest-to-goodness graphic of a sine folding, so I’d wager there’s a wave folder involved :stuck_out_tongue:
edit: oops, noted above already~!


yeah I’m not totally sure that that’s not just a reference literally to the 0-coast to be honest- they post things like that all the time for old stuff. but who knows.


It’d be somewhat amusing if the Multiply story they posted was simply just an animation for the Multiply portion of the 0-Coast and was posted just to throw us off.


I picked an interesting time to delete social media apps off my phone! I was curious if they had dropped any more hints since I did that.


Another teaser shot:

Freq 1 CV input with what I’m guessing is Freq 2 underneath like the MMG.


From the Mysteron manual:

!! IN: Gate input for determining algorithm behavior. With Mutation Depth Full CCW, changes response of Excite parameter for bowed attack. With Mutation Depth not full CCW, cross couples feedback paths of waveguides into each other. Mystery LED Flashes to indicate.

From the 0-Coast manual:

Slowly turn the Overtone Panel Control Clockwise and listen for the
change in the timbre of the sound as the single Overtone fades from ODD to ¡¡, which is a transitional state, to EVEN and finally to !! where the Slope circuit is blended into the audio signal path.


In this context, I’m wondering if the !! ¡¡ input is like the the Strike / Accent on the MMG but is state-variable based on knob location. With Radiate on left and right channels, and the amount of output jacks present in the video, perhaps sending a gate to this input determines how many of those outputs get blended together?


ugh no it’s gonna be a sick stereo svf with strike inputs i’m dead how can i resist

i know

i have no income


This new shot helps clarify some of my wrong assumptions about the orientation of things on the panel. I forgot sometimes they use sideways text. :slight_smile:

!! on this one could be a gate that lets feedback run wild without attenuation, but I’m just reaching here. :laughing: I’m guessing it gates something, though. I think in the Make Noise design language it is just shorthand for “something interesting that is hard to describe with a one word label.” If they were being consistent, they would label a strike input as “strike” IMHO.


I’m guessing a new digital oscillator here with waveshaping capabilities. Sounds like something in the range of Karplus-Strong to me too. Maybe a resonator or some sort? I’m going to guess as well this in some way is related to the discontinuation of the Mysteron, Yerpa mentioned at the Make Noise 10 year talk he was working on something.


Except the strike inputs on Make Noise modules all make use of vactrols. To the best of my knowledge, this module does not use vactrols and wasn’t affected by the vactrol supply issue that delayed the QMMG batch.


Yeah, I was saying I don’t think it’s a strike input similar to their other ones (sorry if that wasn’t clear)


Ah, I think I misread when I was responding. I need more coffee and a copy of the manual for this thing.