Make Noise QPAS: Quad Peak Animation System


Or the module itself… for science :sunglasses:


Yes, of course that would be preferred.


I think it was mentioned elsewhere the module is a stereo analog signal processor.


Yeah it’s mentioned in the initial teaser


This is why my Echophon is listed on Ebay along with its pretty Grayscale panel. Twas nice knowing you, girl.


Could it possibly be some kind of physical modeling module ala Rings? The bit of manual @caelmore posted from the Mysteron does seem related. The term “excited” actually seems like a tease to me, being that the word also exists in that bit from the Mysteron manual. Speculation IS fun!


The triangle icon in the new post below the big triangle attenuverter is identical to the Q Factor (resonance) input on the MMG. So stacked stereo delayed MMG still reads as the right direction to me.


Cat’s out of the bag:



It sounds fantastic. Considering swapping out Sisters for this in my live case.


“QPAS: It’s slightly narrower than 6 Sisters”


I see sisters playing quite well with this! No need for me to swap one for the other!


Can imagine this being an amazing companion for rxmx rather than a replacement. Very very excited.


I’m pleased it’s not a stereo Echophon, but it does make me wish my Echophon was stereo…


This with the RxMx-Fxdf combo will be incredible.


Seems like a lot possible with this, like having two Hordijk Twin Peaks filters that are interconnected and more.


In any case, I’m digging all the RxMx love, here!


My MMG is not even mad, and asks to be self-oscillating its way into the QPAS!


At least my ears didn’t fool me entirely; what they thought was a comb filter was still more than the usual number of filter peaks :smiley:

My Epoch Twinpeak is feeling a little nervous now.


I was thinking about the Twinpeak recently, but between this being announced and reading that people have had power supply issues with the Benjolin / Twinpeak, (I saw that Trogotronic cases were among those reporting issues, which is what I have until I upgrade to a Make Noise 7U) I’m glad I waited.