Make Noise QPAS: Quad Peak Animation System


This may be a stupid question but does this make the QMMG obsolete?

I don’t have one, but had been considering it…


probably not: (in my distant opinion) the QMMG is more like a Make Noise low-pass gate version of MI Veils or the Intellijel Quad VCA, whereas this to me feels more like Make Noise’s take on Three Sisters.


Seems like a closer replacement for the Belgrad. I love mine, but always wish it were stereo.


I’d have phrased that the other way around, but also don’t think that the QPAS in any way makes the QMMG obsolete (unless you have a QMMG, in which case it totally does and you should sell it to me at a knock down price🤪).


I would count on Make Noise making at least one video with the QPAS’ four mono outputs going into QMMG’s four inputs, whether it’s for a full video on their Youtube page or a one-minute-or-less Instagram patch post.


Pre-ordered, got excited thinking about all the things I could run through it aside from just modular for great stereo effects. Sounds and looks absolutely gorgeous, would love if they committed to the black and gold look for everything from here on out.

And definitely not a QMMG replacement. At this point I’m wondering if that run they had planned is still happening or if their vactrol supplier just completely fell through. Kind of a bummer.

Also definitely not a Sisters replacement as I’ve seen some compare it to already- as the Sisters topology with the separate ins and outs is still very unique to sisters.


This is a very sensible and functional design. Just looking at the panel design layout you can tell Make Noise keep learning and evolving. You take one look at this thing and immediately you can start patching it in your head.


Love the belgrad too and wish it had more outputs! And didn’t make that popping sound when you changed the filter modules. But it can self resonate! Sounds beautiful too


I posted this in the main Make Noise thread, but their recent site update included this on the QMMG page:

We are working on being able to offer a run of QMMGs through our dealers. We have had a parts delay and hope to have these available late summer 2019.


this, to me, is not imitating anything other than the basic formant filter idea and its taking it to a very different place. Just really good design, the kind of stuff that makes people see why Makenoise is in the top 5 of Euro.


I’d been patiently waiting but that suits me just fine since I just blew a chunk of my QMMG budget on a QPAS pre-order :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Behringer CEO: “Fuck It, We’re Doing 5 Peaks”


wait, did I call this? I called it. I’m calling it that I called it.

this is a desirable module.


wow i was right. wtf


Lovely to see a new, original, analog design.


This looks cool, does anyone have thoughts on the benefits / costs of this vs. using two independent filters? It seems that the two channels could be used almost independently, since they have separate frequency CV (in addition to the global frequency offset / CV) but they seem to share one resonance / Q control.


Well… I was like “whatever” when I saw this on my phone. I just ran the demo on my monitors and now im at modulargrid trying to figure out what’s getting the boot.


I was wrong! But I’m okay with that. I take partial points in that it is a basically a stereo stacked MMG except with the gate before the filter. :laughing:

Also, I was totally going to skip this untill I watched the bits with the rhythmic !!¡¡ stuff a few times, which did me in. I dunno if it will make me sell my 3Sisters, but we’ll see now. It seems like it can add a lot of life to a patch, and seeing as I still only have two hands, I feel like I will find a place for this.

Also the “Smile Filter” sounds really nice.


This is fantastic for me as I forever have two Mangroves panned hard left and right.


Well, each channel is a dual peak filter, and I can’t easily think of any that have the multiple simultaneous outputs that are a combination of the peaks. You’d probably need 4 filters to replicate that functionality. There’s definitely nothing comparable for the price…