Make Noise QPAS: Quad Peak Animation System


wow… this sounds so gorgeous. this def gives me some good ideas for my sisters! can’t wait to hear what yall come up with using QPAS.


Will definitely have to try feeding the 4 outs from QPAS through a Sisters just to see what that feels like…


Info about the video from Walker:

90% of the video is just a square wave from the DPO straight into the Left input of the QPAS. The only real exceptions to that are the “Ping” section where it’s a gate stream from MATHS, the “stereo-to-stereo/stereo-to-mono” patch that puts the DPO’s Sawtooth in the other input, and the “sweetener” section near the end where I used a loop from Morphagene as the source.


Giving me GAS for three more sisters.


ahhh man … preordered ***20 characters


yoooooooo was thinking i needed a second sisters but like… WOW.


Live event (assumig the stream gets started) at PCA to show off the module.


From the live stream: Shipping early February (tentatively the 12th).


Listening to the MN demo with headphones did me in.
As soon as I have recovered financially from my latest business/life choices, I’m buying one of these. I was so close to being out of euro, too.


tony demoing smile pass with alice coltrane gave me a huge grin


demoing anything with Alice Coltrane is just cheating… couldn’t make it sound bad if you tried :wink:


I was there in person. Should have stayed home and worn headphones. (the room wasn’t great for stereo imaging)


You can always check the video online. You can’t be there a second time (and get a free t-shirt)!


[quote=“saintcloud, post:89, topic:19203”]
Listening to the MN demo with headphones did me in.[/quote]

Yeah, I pre-ordered. :sigh:


I was a little disappointed that they have been playing up QPAS as stereo without giving examples of a dual mono application. Surely it would be a great way to mix and spectrally isolate two voices?


This looks and sounds great. Just trying to get my head round what it actually does :grinning:

So each channel (L+R) is a dual multi-mode filter, and ‘radiate’ controls the spacing between the dual filters cutoff on each L+R channel (like the span control on 3 Sis)?

Luckily for my wallet I don’t have space for this (and am quite happy with 3 Sis and its spectral mixing joys for now).


Walker Farrell mentioned he was going to show that in an upcoming video.

I’m also curious about patching it in serial, cross-feedback, self-patching etc.


Im wondering about this too, they explicitly mention its possible to control all four filter cores so both radiate parameters control one filter core plus the center freq just makes for 3 positions?
Wheres number 4?

Ah wait i get it. Radiate 1 moves filter 1 up and filter 2 down while radiate 2 moves filter 3 up and filter 4 down, ofc this works also the other way around.
Freq just offsets the whole ensemble


Lord QPAS or QPASimodo sounding great :heart: Filters in Stereo and Analogue domain are scarce in Proaudio, i could easily imagine this liked by Producers and Mixers alike.
And i‘m still quite intrigued abt the RXMX-this is a concept i never scoped before


Some parallels between QPAS’s radiate controls and Three Sisters’ SPAN. Hordijk’s Twinpeak generally keeps its two peaks independent. A unit like the QMMF-4 is mostly just a block of four separate filter modules behind one faceplate: you can control them (and pitch each) independently, but the downside to that approach is you pretty much have to control them independently.