Make Noise QPAS: Quad Peak Animation System


I’m very fond of mid-side stereo. I use a plugin in my DAW to do the conversion, but if I didn’t, I’d consider LRMSMSLR a must.

Running the same voice through a VCA and an LPG in mid/side, filtering a little differently, tapping a feedback loop in two different places, running the side signal through tanh[3], etc. is all good stuff :slight_smile: I use headphones a lot both to create and listen to music, so I like having a rich stereo image but dislike unbalanced-sounding panning.



This sounds great.

Would you be able to expand on how you process mono signals in a DAW environment?

Mid Side is something I’ve always been interested in, but getting it setup in DAW’s (and the potential possibilities once setup) has always confused me a little.

Tutorials always seem to be based on eq and compression, but I’m far more interested in getting width/interest from a mono source that covers the whole stereo field.




Sure. I don’t want to go off on too much of a tangent, but what I do is pretty simple (and I plan to try it with QPAS :wink: )

Most of the time I just take my mid and side signals from the modular, assign them as a stereo pair to a channel in the DAW, and put the free MSLR plugin first in the chain. I often have to adjust relative levels of the two inputs to get it balanced, and will add GMonoBass afterward if it seems necessary. (I don’t master for vinyl or mono, but I always want my bass to feel relatively central and narrow in the stereo field anyway.)

If I want to individually process mid or side signals within the DAW, I’ll assign them as mono inputs to separate channels, apply whatever effects I wanted, pan and mix them into a group channel, and put MSLR on the group.

(I use Maschine, which seems wildly inappropriate for the kind of music I make, but I’m used to it and can fly around in it easily. It’s pretty flexible about its audio routing.)



Here is how you can get left right / mid side encoding from your rack if you have a few utilities.

L = M+S
R = M-S
M = (L+R)/2
S = (L-R)/2

edit: maybe we should branch off a topic on Stereo Imaging?



Cool thanks guys :+1:

A separate thread on Mixing techniques for the type of music that is popular round these parts (‘electronic’/ambient type stuff) would be really cool if there isn’t already one.

Most mixing tutorials and tips usually assume you are mixing a traditional band type track, or if it is electronic music it is a hip hop/EDM ‘banger’ :grin:

I’ll stop the QPAS hijack now (that sonicstate demo is :heart:)

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–mod hat on

@Ithacus + @adrianf: Mixing/mastering

last posts in that thread are about M/S processing!

– mod hat off



Rodent / Eric at Make Noise posted some clips on his Instagram with all of the outputs going into a dual sequential switch (Macro Machines’ Dynamic Destiny), and it looks like quite a useful pairing and a great way of using all eight outputs at once. (Those clips also feature some Morphagene vocal loops from @xexyz being fed into the QPAS before the sequential switch!)




I meant to post this yesterday, but for once, I ended up not using my laptop or visiting the forum while I was at work.



That piano sample enhancement was lovely. So excited for this thing. :black_heart:



thanks for sharing!

I want to complain to the thread at large that my comparison to Sisters was apt. Radiate is exactly span, in the sense that it pushes peaks apart – the only difference is the topology of the cores. QPAS gives you two paired cores at each of the three standard SVF outputs: at any moment you can hear each of the high-, low- and bandpass outputs of all four filters, but only in pairs. By contrast, Sisters devotes an entire core to each output, with only the quality knob and the switch giving you access to different outputs.

QPAS sounds SO good though, wow.



I hope people have taken note of the power requirements for QPAS – it needs 166 ma of +12V and a whopping 190 mA of -12V.

That’s 155 mA more than the filter I’m replacing, putting me at a total of 860mA. That makes me wish I’d noticed that before and ordered my new case with a Doepfer PSU3 instead of 2x Mean Well. I’ll be crossing my fingers when I turn it on the first time, and choosing future modules very carefully.



Playing around with the QPAS and TXN so far. What a sexy pair! QPAS is amazing. The !!! is amazing to get movement in stereo!



Manual is now available:



holy moly i cannot wait for this to arrive tomorrow



TXn and QPAS shipping the same week is a stereo blessing, can’t wait to give them a try.

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been QPASing for about an hour. mostly spent it laughing at how sick it is



also just spent an hour with mine- maybe its shiny-new-module bias, but this feels like one of the best things Make Noise has made, and I love and use so many of their designs already. Wow. Will post some clips in the coming week when I get more free time.

Great job MN team!



Have to say pairing it with a Marbles and patching all the things into all the things is really fun.

edit: also the SSF Muton is a great companion, can use it as two 4-channel summing mixers w/ mutes.

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