Make Noise QPAS: Quad Peak Animation System


Yeah I’ve spent about 30 minutes with mine and it is just wildly good. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun pinging a filter. I made a short clip of some pings to give you an idea of the range. I haven’t even messed with variable gate lengths and so on yet. Pretty vanilla clip, just so you can hear the QPAS:


I’m curious for those with the module - do you know about how much input gain (if any?) is provided by the level control?

The manual states:

The LEVEL control can also be used to adjust input drive.

But I’m not sure if gain is actually applied to the signal. My main thought is whether stereo line level audio could be amplified at all by the gain control, to be at a reasonable level for the filter.


just tried running my phone through it and I could get an okay level when I bumped my preamps way up so it was usable, but as far as I can tell it’s definitely calibrated for modular level signals and doesn’t have much gain in the way of line level inputs.


thanks for checking!


And with this lovely demo I feel the first stirrings of QGAS. . …


seriously this thing is incredible.

edit: planning on making a long (like 30mins or more) youtube video in the coming week of just exploring QPAS without talking. will post it here when it’s up :ok_hand:


For it’s the most impressive module by Make Noise ! Am I the only one ?


I don’t know about most impressive; they make good stuff overall :slight_smile:

When I first tried it I wasn’t thrilled – and then I realized I hadn’t routed the input into my DAW in stereo, so I was only getting the left channel as mono. Once I fixed that it opened up a lot :laughing:

I’m not big into subtractive synthesis, and a lot of stuff with resonant filters doesn’t really grab me. But there are a lot of interesting things going on with QPAS and I keep finding these magical sweet spots with it.


Just pulled the trigger last night. This is the first “hyped” new module I have bought, but I’m excited by the videos I’ve seen. I’ve been super close to pulling the trigger on a 3 sisters for months now, but I don’t particularly need multiple inputs and am planning to use it mostly on samples and loops, the smile pass and band pass seems like they will be a great addition to my setup. My setup has been becoming very stereo over the last six months and this is going to make it even deeper.


I’m having a lot of fun right now with a Rings -> tanh[3] -> QPAS -> Chronoblob -> Rings feedback loop, controlled by Teletype + Marbles :slight_smile:


I finally had a chance to demo and play with QPAS at work this evening and was immediately saddened by the fact that I have neither the rack space nor the money to spare to take it home with me today. Hoping to change both of those things soon. I went home with so many ideas that I can’t not have one of my own.


does anyone have this and a three sisters? do they compliment eachother/coexist nicely? I currently have a full 104hp skiff and i’m at the point where I think i’m gonna buy a few more modules that interest me over getting a bigger case.


they are completely different beasts to me. I also have a relatively small system and it’s hard to justify having both so I’m going to explore QPAS more and decide from there. To be honest I don’t think you can wrong with either, they’re just different.

Three Sisters is a module I’ve owned for a very long time and it still has many perks that QPAS doesnt. It’s much smaller, has a one-of-a-kind input and output topology that rewards creativity, self-oscillates, and has a milder sound. I hesitate to call the following “cons” but rather, “differences” but it is quick to distort (by design) though this is not always desired, it always has SOME resonance and imparts character and gain, and it has less flexibility than QPAS as far as control, and obviously the amount of outputs.


i have both as well. three sisters will always have a place alongside qpas in my rack; they have different sounds and features. but the stereo capabilities of the qpas are so much fun, if i had to choose one it would probably be that.


My friend / former coworker Cory did a QPAS-centric video for Reverb that should be out soon, which features a QPAS/RxMx pairing that I’m excited about using at some point.


Looks like DivKid put up a really good demo on YouTube! Lots of really nice sounds, can’t wait to dive into it.


QPAS with Mangrove formant with SSF Bass Drum. QPAS is pretty sick.

turning freq knob on QPAS and formant on MANGROVE. Pinky is hitting Pam new workout to start and stop drums.


I’d been considering getting a filter like the Doepfer fixed filterbank or the Serge resonant equalizer. If I got a QPAS, it seems like they would be redundant. Am I understanding this right?


EYE don’t think so, but I have two Three Sisters in 104 HP so idk if anyone should trust my opinion about filters :joy:


Serge Res EQ is totally different. Love mine. Also love my QPAS. But very different animals.