Make noise Rene algorithm for monome

Just a massive thank you!!!

I will have a go in the weekend.
I only have a 64 but if this thing works well I might think of building a 128!!!

Wait, it won’t work on your 64…

I do not have max4live here at the moment but I assume the following:

Rene master is the rene algorithm
Rene monome sat is the monome interface

Am I right?

Maybe I can have a go and try to adapt to 64…if it is open and I am allowed to do this.

Not really.
RenéMaster just collects all the presses/leds from the 1 or 2 RenéSats.
Feel free to do whatever you want with it ! But i’m far from being the tidiest patcher…

Will have a go anyway.

I wanted to buy the mother 32 but it seems my 64 is about to go to leave space for a 128…I knew I should have done this some time ago…

orca has some similarities to how rene works. not an app though, you’ll need a white whale module (and yeah, doesn’t work well with a 64, you’ll need a 128 or an arc):

Thank you for the tip.
Given my current budget, I am staying away from the eurorack habit…but you never know :blush:

I will probably start with buying a 128 and I will go from there


@chapelierfou i was dreaming of a Rene monome patch. Thank you !

it seems that i got everything working except there’s no note coming out…

I’ll check this when i’m home

James Holden did this. He made Renata.

I have already read about it but he has not shared the patch…instead chapelier fou did…

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hi ! does anybody manage to run Renome ?

Can you explain what you’re doing so i can help you ? You’re using M4L, right ? Max 7 ?
Any message in the max window ? (i am thinking that i might use an old version of serialosc, and not the one provided in max 7). I’ll freeze the device and repost.

I just tried it out. I to get led’s functioning but no sound as of now.

hi @chapelierfou.
i’m using m4l and last version of max7. Other monome m4l devices work well.
i put René Master on a midi track. One RenéMonome Sat on another midi track. press play. Ad some midi notes in the clip where RenéMonome Sat is. Every thing on the monome display seems to light correctly

I switched out the serialosc with the newest one as well.

I forgot to freeze the device, sorry for this ! This will include the dependencies.
Will do tomorrow !

The links in my post above should be fine now !