Make Noise Rene v2


Via Control Voltage’s social media outlets:


Tony will be giving a talk related to a new module at Control Voltage in Portland, OR on Tuesday, September 18th at 6:30pm PST. More information forthcoming.

This event will be live streamed.”

Make Noise modules: design, usability, theory, philosophy, etc
Make Noise modules: design, usability, theory, philosophy, etc

Oooh, that is intriguing - any guesses what it might be…? I was initially thinking it might be a filter, since they discontinued the MMG, but then it wouldn’t really make sense to introduce a new one, just as they’re about to release some more QMMG’s…


My understanding is that the discontinuation of the MMG and limited nature of the QMMG re-release is because of their use of vactrols. A new filter would make sense.


Walker from Make Noise will be doing a similar event in Chicago a few days after Tony presents it in Portland:




Wow… I sold my René about three weeks. I thought I didn’t like it until it was gone and realized how crucial it had been to my system.

Looks like I’ll get another chance!


11 moar dayz
:smiley: :smile: :wink:


I don’t know how to feel now - I was totally buzzing at the thought of a new Make Noise module, but I literally bought my Rene less than a month ago. If this is a Ver. 2, then my purchase just lost half it’s value, and I’m suddenly using older technology on a new buy. I know it’s still an awesome sequencer, it’s just the timing that sucks.


Make Noise modules don’t go out of style. I miss my René but I’m terribly space-constrained and I sold it impulsively a few weeks ago. It’s in a good home with an excellent artist. I will either buy the new whatever or a used René.

The great thing about Make Noise is when they revise something it doesn’t rubbish the original product. In some cases it’s entirely a matter of taste which is better.


You never know really, I feel like modules rarely depreciate that much. I’m holding on to my Clouds at the moment partly because I use it all the time and partly because the original could well be a classic anyway. It will be interesting to see what will be changed on the Rene, I think most of the interesting things from Rene come from external modulation anyway. More saved scales would certainly be handy though.


lol I feel saved scales is bit too “musical” for Tony.


I wonder if this will be more compact than René, I’ve always liked René but it’s so wide.


Rene’s width, and the difficulty I had with Pressure Points touchplates, is why I have a Mimetic Digitalis. It doesn’t have the hands-on immediacy of Rene, or different paths or rests/skips, but it does have 4 CV channels, zero and randomization buttons, a push encoder that can do semitones so you don’t need to quantize, and 16 save slots in 10HP.

Even smaller: I just got a uO_C yesterday and installed Hemisphere Suite. There’s a cartesian sequencer called Carpeggio in it which has some preset chords and scales, which is a nice touch, and you can run two of them side by side. Other than the presets it’s not as friendly as MD, though. I don’t think cartesian sequencers are going to get any smaller than 4HP :wink:


@thetaflux recently turned me on to this beauty of a touch controller from the 1970s, the Synthi Model K. A lovely predecessor to our beloved René and Pressure Points controllers.


Thinking about Make Noise’s philosophy… I would be very surprised if, this is in fact a revision of Rene, the hp would be reduced if it has the same general grid of knobs + grid of touch plates layout. Playability is a huge aspect of their system design and making Rene smaller would not really fall in line with that ideal. But maybe the layout is different, or maybe it’s not a revision of Rene… It probably is, but it would interesting to see what it could be otherwise :sunglasses:


I bet it’s Make Noise’s entrant into the multi-stage complex envelope generator game, à la Just Friends, Stages, etc., but with a kind of René vibe, maybe you can touch “sequence” the parts of an ADHSR or whatever.



Don’t fall for it the original module is great and still totally relevant.


I can imagine a standalone module that also acts as an expander to René. It does have expansion pins! :thinking:


Maybe a way to run a secondary sequence with less real time control? Maybe with envelopes as others are thinking? Something like a 20hp revision/expander hybrid.


Pretty sure that’s just used for programming the microcontroller that makes the René do all of the fun stuff it does.