Make Noise Rene v2




dang! any guesses on that sound source? gorgeous.


lol these guys truly are the masters of the social media roll-out in euroworld


Love Peter Speer’s work and is glad he’s rocking with the MakeNoise crew and making this kind of promotional video :slight_smile:


Since the timbre isn’t ‘moving’ so much I’m having a hard time discerning if it’s STO shape out, or DPO final out, but it’s going through a lowpass gate that’s not open all the way.

The breathing from other clips is almost certainly Noise out of the Telharmonic through lowpass gate, slow envelope instead of pluck/struck.


Well, it’s definitely a René!


So excited to learn more. I really liked Rene when I had it and came up with some very impressive patterns, the alluded diagonal dimension seems like it could take that to a new level… Also wondering if this will be able to provide multiple sequences based on the grid combinations, from that recent tonal sound sample it definitely seemed like that could be a possibility.


I asked someone who wasn’t involved in creating the sounds or making the die-cut layers for the video, and they said they’re pretty sure it was some combination of DPO, QMMG, and Echophon. (and whatever this “René mkII” is officially called, of course)



This new hieroglyph from the latest teaser reminds me of Radiate glyphs on the RxMx. We’ve been shown that there are X, Y, C, and Z functions to consider, so I’m wondering if the II|II glyph changes colors to indicate current dimension and jumps in dimensions based on the multi-dimensional coordinates they’ve hinted at (X = horizontal, Y = vertical, C = cubic / third dimension?, Z = multi-dimensional perhaps, since it was shown changing between the red, orange, and green states?). It does look like a portal, after all…


X,Y,Z 3 spatial dimensions.
c (speed of light) = time?
It’s a time machine ???11???


Could the ‘C’ dimension simply be ‘color’? That dimension seems to be indicated by the red/yellow/green lights.



They really do, the prices I had to sell my Tirana, my Pamelas Workout, my Disting V1, all because they were older models was way below their ‘value’


Same w/ my Phonogene.


I feel like it had already depreciated more than I’d expect before the new one was teased, I’ve been seeing them listed for like $350 lately. On a separate note, the René page has been taken down on their site so looks like a formal announcement is on its way.


noticed a moment on their livestream where Tony mentioned Tempi50, so looks like new Tempi firmware is forthcoming.

There were a lot of gate patterns… could be Tempi gates getting combined w logic or maybe the new René also has a gates page?


Re: depreciation - Not to get too conceptual here, but this is all hardware. If something was worth $500 to you when you bought it, it doesn’t stop working just because a new one comes out.

It is a bummer if you decide to sell (found that with my V1 Pam’s, for example) but I don’t personally understand being upset when brands release new versions.


In this case I think there’s still a big value to V1. the new one seems a lot more complex.

In comparison the (relative) simplicity might be more attractive to some. Also in a small system V2 doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense


tempi integration sounds coooool