Make Noise Rene v2


I pretty much agree; with one exception, namely the Disting. 4 versions in such a short period of time and updates only on the most recent, is a bit naff IMHO.


i think the subject of module value depreciation would be better discussed in its own thread…


Skirting the subject of depreciation, I wonder what other plans MN has to revamp its existing offerings? It seems most of the digital modules have received at minimum a firmware update and in other cases a redesign.


wow, this thing looks complicated! very excited to hear/see more about how it works.


Maybe a new version of Pressure Points with the new touchplate technology?


Yes. And Erbe-Verb considering more of their modules can operate in stereo now (Morphagene, RxMx, etc.).


Interested in learning more but I gotta say… It looks incredibly cramped. Navigating all the new proposed functionality seems daunting with that UI. Hoefully I’ll be proved wrong with some demos.


As long as they really did fix the touch plates, I am interested.
I had the original one, and sold it after 3 months of total agony of endless fingerlicking… it really was just ridiculous, no matter what I did with swapping cases or outlets and all that crap.
I liked what the module did though, so looking at the additional depth with the new version, I am intrigued and will definitely give it a go!


I’ve been beta testing this and it’s excellent. Some thoughts:

  • Despite the added features, I find it less difficult to use compared to the original. The option labels are easier to read (i.e. “ACCESS” “QUANT” “GATE”). I have trouble remembering the various Tempi menus and shortcuts, but I’ve had no trouble with the STATE save/load and global pages here.

  • I haven’t had a single missed touch on the sensors so far. I’ve been testing a lot of performance chording as well. For example, on the LATCH page, I typically grab 2-4 pads at once.

  • The quantizer settings are unique to each sequencer. You could, for example, set the X sequence to major, the Y sequence to major pentatonic, and the Cartesian sequencer to octaves.

  • There’s a very useful SCAN button. This copies the current knob values to the current sequence.

  • The GATE and ACCESS pages are decoupled. You could treat the X sequencer as a melody generator and the Y sequencer as a gate generator, set them to different lengths, clock them separately, modulate them, etc. Kria is a very good point of comparison

  • Saving/loading is very similar to Ansible. The last-saved STATE is loaded on power-up.

I have some long recordings I’ve made testing the features. I’ll try to edit them down soon and post some examples.


Thank you for offering these insights.
This is fantastic to hear.
I am in!


Preorders are live now on Perfect Circuit Audio and others I imagine.


Yep, just got an email from Signal Sounds taking pre orders, 479 gbp


Wow. Thanks, this now has my attention


I answered a few more questions on MW. Cross-posting for visibility:

  • ACCESS, GATE, QUANT, FUN, etc. are independent for each sequencer.

  • X and Y have independent SNAKE modes, clock inputs, CV control, MOD inputs (for additional gate functions), etc. The CARTESIAN sequence is essentially Rene v1. It does not have a separate clock input, but instead uses the X and Y inputs. In other words, X and Y can be totally independent, but Cartesian’s clocks are linked to the other two.

  • C Gate outputs X+Y clocks combined with whatever XY MOD settings you have and the C GATE page.

  • I think the FUN.MOD settings are a replacement for the AND/OR/XOR logic. The MOD input can now Reset, Clock (essentially the OR logic), start/stop the sequence, or reverse the sequence direction. I find this to be more powerful, especially the start/stop access. It’s like Rene v1 and Brains combined in that regard. The CV inputs can add to the sequence. ADD mode directly adds, while S+H mode adds the CV input only on a gate. The CV input can also be used to scan through the sequence or change the SNAKE algorithm.


can you shed any light on integration with tempi ?


When you save/load on the Rene, it can save/load the current Tempi state as well. That way, you can save scenes of good sequence and clock divider combos. This happens over the power bus, no specialized cable needed. This feature is optional.


wha? modules can communicate via power bus? I had no idea!


Yep! The Malekko Varigate 8+ and Voltage Block do this as well. Make Noise previously explored this with the CTRL-SEL prototypes that they showed at NAMM a few years back.


Which ultimately became Tempi… I still wish they pursued this further. Bus communication seems so underutilized. Then again, I can imagine what a nightmare it could become if s lot of manufacturers did utilize it, but in different, unrelated, non-standardized manner…?


i have and love the mk1.
the mk2 features are killer but, god is it ugly!
something went really bad with the graphic layout of this module!!!
it looks like they forced additional tabs and jacks on the mk1 layout.
asymmetric in a bad way, very terrible to look at.
the mk1 isn’t the most elegant graphic layout i ever seen but it’s heaven compared to this one!

YAY for new Tempi firmware if the rumor is confirmed!