Make Noise Rene v2


Gosh it really does seem overwhelming. To anyone who has tested it: Can you actually make sense of the colors?

I’m assuming it makes sense when you’ve got your hands on it. It seems like it has a steep-ish learning curve. I have trouble remembering the tempi combos sometimes, and I’m trying to imagine programming with this in real time and making nice sounding stuff in a live situation. The states seem vital, but also have the same issue Tempi has of being a numbered bucket you’d want to keep specific notes on. :thinking:


Seeing as i have only had RENE briefly and foolishly traded it. I am wondering if i should just wait and buy a model1 which i am sure people will be wanting to move incredibly cheaply now :slight_smile:


They are offering the Shared System Plus for the same price with the new René. The Shared system doesn’t have a price any more, it says contact sales. So the old shared systems will not be worth as much.

I just bought the old René about a month ago. I still haven’t figured it out completely. I think I can wait for the upgrade. I still working my way through the myriad of options before adding a third dimension and saved states.


I love it when new modules come out and they give you ideas for your existing pieces. For example after seeing the 3D nature of the new Rene, I realised I can get a very similar workflow just running the v1 Rene into O_c with varying offsets for harmonies


I also purchased a new Rene over the summer :frowning: A friend at Make Noise told me not to sell the old Rene. There are some interesting ways to control the old Rene with the new Rene! However thats a lot of HP.


I’d love to hear more about this!


the color coding is very intuitive. navigating the menus on the original rene is much more cryptic and now there are also lights under each touch pad which makes programming and performing on the fly much more natural feeling.

each setting name is illuminated when you are in that menu, and each of the three channels (X,Y,C) has a color, so you pretty much always know where you are. i would say the because of the color coding and revamped menu navigation, one will interact more with those features under the hood which don’t seem so tucked away anymore.


I’m fully intending on having both R1 and R2 in a little Make Noise touch control skiff. It’ll look something like this:


I love that idea! I might steal that idea once I rebuild my 6u!


Im told a double down Rene video is coming.


i could really see that as an interesting control skiff, very cool


Ha - I’ve done exactly the same! And it has the added benefit of making some much needed room in the Shared System case. They might have to start advertising it as a 3 row system soon, once they’ve added another couple of modules…


Ive pre-ordered, its my favorite sequencer by quite some margin - im wondering if anyone has any luck getting onto those people that where doing the top plate replacement for the MKI?
Surprised its taken them this long considering the touch pate issues but they sound like they’ve nailed it this time - happy days


I’m hoping that they’ll decide to add a 4U CV Bus Skiff to the case lineup at some point, for those of us opting for the separate touch control skiff. Having a 4U CV Bus Skiff alongside a 7U CV Bus case sounds like a dream.


No more copper tongue:


From this video it looks a lot more intuitive than the mark 1.


I was just going to say the same, at first this looked incredibly complicated but the after breaking it down in this video it looks just the opposite.


this video is super clarifying, but anyone with one of the beta versions…maybe it’s coming in another video, but is it possible to turn off the quantization and get the unquantized output like the older make?


Yes, they mentioned it briefly in the video. On the quantizer page the top four touch plates choose the octave range, 1 to 4 octaves left to right. If you then tap the pad that is currently lit, it will turn off and the output will be unquantized with a 0-4v range. They say “maximum resolution” instead of unquantized in the video, probably because the digital implementation isn’t truly unquantized :wink:


Got a pretty in-depth introduction to R2 to this afternoon at work prior to the event at Synth City, and even had some nice hands-on time with it on two different occasions today. I had a much easier time jumping right in than I did have with the first René.