Make Noise X-Pan: 5 Channel Voltage Controlled Stereo Mixer

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I’m going to counter the immediate speculation about a new / updated RxMx, and instead suggest the possibility of something I’ve been hoping they’d eventually make: a multi-input, stereo output performance mixer. I’m imagining something like the Sum Bus of Maths combined with the A / B inputs and the crossfading controls of the Rosie.


The mere thought of that just gave me so much GAS…


I really like that guess as well- could definitely be a stereo rosie kind of thing judging by how much they are emphasizing panning in the teaser.


Would stereo Rosie also mean an updated CV Bus, maybe?

Ha, I missed out on the panning due to a lack of headphones at work.

Two channels with A and B inputs that can be crossfaded between and panned in the stereo field via knob and/or voltage control, with each rows output being independently accessible as well as summed out to the L and R outputs? Maybe an aux in like the modDemix / Optomix / Dynamix / RxMx family of mixers, or send/return jacks like Rosie? We’ll find out soon.

The video gave me the feeling of this being high end stereo parabolic microphones with CV control :slight_smile: Given that the person is sitting by a window and recording stuff happening on the outside, haha


(moderator note: I updated the thread title with the module’s name, now that we know it.)


Interesting, it looks like no individual outputs from the cross-fade channels, to use them as traditional voltage controlled crossfaders, though I suppose you could pan them hard left and hard right and use the left and right output separately (as long as you also don’t want to use the stereo VCA at the same time).

Yeah I think it’s a cool design that is going to pair great with QPAS, and if you run one of the bigger mixers in your modular like Praga, etc. this is something to consider because of how compact it is. Ultimately not for me at the moment as I can already do the fun panning stuff with Cold Mac, but a very nice design nonetheless.

That’s a really good point and kind of a bummer, tbh. Still looks like a cool module, though.

Can Cold Mac do multiple channels of crossfade and panning?

I have a CM too, but only thought it could do a single a/b crossfade …

not multiple channels but using it for VC panning is something I do often- and honestly having too many things rapidly moving all around in stereo can be disorienting so I’m quite content just doing that with one voice.


ie ciat-lonbarde plumbutter

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Although not strictly crossfading, you can get a second channel of “crossfading” by patching one signal to OR1 and another signal to AND1. If you then mix OR(OUT) and AND(OUT), you will get a signal which combines a variable amount of the two inputs. Controlling SURVEY (or multing another control signal into OR2 and AND2) will adjust the “balance” of the two input signals.


X-PAN is a compact and powerful 5 channel Voltage Controlled Stereo Mixer with Low Noise and High Headroom allowing for creation of complex panoramic audio imagery in just 10hp.

X-PAN is highly responsive to control signals allowing for exploration of the fluctuating stereo sidebands possible with Audio Rate Crossfading and Panning. X-PAN is Direct coupled for use as a CV Processing and Routing toolbox.

X-PAN consists of two full featured Channels and one simpler Channel. The top two Channels each have voltage controlled cross-fading and panning while the third Channel is a stereo aux input with stereo VCA. All three Channels are combined together at the stereo SUM outputs.


  • 5 signal inputs all routed to a dynamic stereo output
  • Contains 10 High Quality VCA circuits in just 10hp
  • Fully Voltage Controlled Panning, Cross-fading and Mixing
  • Easy to maintain signal integrity with high headroom, low noise circuitry
  • Audio Rate crossfading and panning, fluctuating stereo sidebands
  • Aux Stereo Inputs controlled by Stereo VCA with Combo Pot
  • Part of a decentralized mix console integrated throughout the system along with Optomix, modDemix, Dynamix, and RxMx
  • Direct Coupled for use as Complex CV router
  • Pairs well with QPAS and Morphagene

Width: 10hp
Max Depth: 30mm

  • 145mA @ +12V
  • 110mA @ -12V

MSRP: $259


Very random thought but I’d love to see Make Noise come up with a configuration for a new and separate shared system featuring some of the newer and lesser-used modules. Picturing a system with contour, dynamix, QPAS, X-pan, mysteron, QMMG :heart_eyes:


It seems they may be gearing up for a some sort of stereo system based on their last few module announcements


Already dreaming up patches using SoundStage’s various inputs and sending the stereo outs into X-Pan’s aux stereo input for summing with the crossfading and panning of the main inputs for some seriously silly stereo psychoacoustic psychopathy.


Guess I’ll need more HP. Lovely module.