Make sum great again!

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I am officially launching my campaign to make sum great again! Sum may have been intended as a beginner tool, but it is not! In fact, it is one of the most comprehensive single monome apps in existence! Flin, mlr, step, gome, corners, beams (with its glorious lfo-like modulation capabilities), a virtual analog synth, and 8-part virtual analog drum synth, effects… This is an amazing and comprehensive package!

I hope to see a new version of sum (offered as both a standalone app and a max patch), that addresses the following issue/additions:

  1. Fix file loading in mlr
  2. Multiple outputs (in the version in which mlr file loading works)
  3. Access to the gomeizer
  4. Midi mapping of synth parameters (just the main synth, not the step synths), or additional beams page controlling synth parameters
  5. Access to set the direction and speed of each row in mlr (even as a global setting for all presets)

We can do this! We can make sum great again!


I can only offer my encouragement, as my skills are in other areas, but YES.

Thanks for the encouragement! See, we can make sum great again! We can build a wall, upon which we can all sit with our monomes and sum! We can restrict any new max patches from coming in, until we figure this sum thing out! Who’s with me?!

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Just a suggestion, you might want to log your feature requests here:

Easier to track/assign/etc that way


Ah, yes. Thanks, will do!


I agree sum is a beast. I’ve had my 128 for almost a month now and have really been enjoying it. Just going to drop a request in here and see what happens.

Gnome - Update the looper to have the ability of recording button changes. To clarify, in its current state you can press a button and the pattern loops. It’d be sweet to have a chord change going. Even if it’s only like one change. That way users could get a very simple 2 chord progression going and have the ability of doing other things within the sum app without having to run back to gnome every 5 seconds to change the chord. Make sense? Would this be hard?

Also I’m curious to know what the two empty slots are for in the router. I tried loading other instances of apps within sum in the empty spaces but it didn’t work.

Thanks guys!

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I would also love to see an arc component included. @tehn, any possibility on that?


^Hey man, curious to know if you’ve ever noticed wonky timing with sum mlr when it’s playing back a recorded loop? I know my personal timing ability when playing isn’t bang on but that’s not what I mean. What I mean is when a recorded pattern in mlr (sum) is playing back via one of the pattern recorders sometimes I notice the timing shift a bit, it’s like it wonks out temporarily, especially if it’s been looping the same recorded pattern for a while. I’m wondering if this is a sum issue or if I have other problems somewhere in my setup.

And being as we are just talking here…

I would actually prefer to use Terms but I haven’t been able to get Terms to run multiple apps at once like it does in sum. I can get one going just fine but more than that is a different story. Is this a common issue or am I just somehow doing it wrong, like maybe I don’t understand autofocus.

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I was having timing problems with sum on my 2015 Macbook with retina display. Turns out I needed to run it it low resolution mode. More info here: gui lag issue

I’ve not had any problems running multiple terms devices, except for the fact that you can’t really run multiple instances of the same device, such as two step instances. When I try, I get both instances displayed at the same time on the monome, regardless of autofocus settings. Would be cool if this worked.


Good to know about Terms. I’ll give it another shot, I must be just doing something wrong on my end then.

Thanks for the link to that thread too. The issue I’m having is due to audio playback more than visual response. I think the visual behaves the same as whatever is happening with the audio whenever I get the timing lag. It’s probably something with my system if this isn’t a common documented problem.

Thanks again!

I’m also really drawn to Sum. I just started using my grid this week and it has been the easiest way to get things running.

while I do want to start making my own patches eventually, I really like the model that Sum has offered— that is, having the ability to run the apps simultaneously and tab through them with selector/shift button.

I’d also love to see the functionality of Sum extended and features like sample loading, external beat syncing, presets, pattern writing in Gome, either added or made more robust.

I’m pretty new to Max but I also have time and the desire for a project. I’ll take a look through some of the repositories when I get a chance. If nothing else maybe I’ll learn a little about how the apps within sum work— I’m particularly interested in Beams as a non-sequencer based control.

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