Maker Music Festival | 15 - 16 may 2021 (Online)

A virtual Music Festival with Makers from around the world. Music & instrument makers, traditional & experimental. MAY 15th & 16th, 2021.

“The Maker Music Festival celebrates the makers of innovative, experimental and just plain unusual musical instruments […] The Maker Music Festival 2021 website will be a campus of imaginary buildings that house the work of makers from around the world. Participating makers will have a space in one of the eight buildings on campus, each named after a pioneer of music invention. The goal is to allow participants to explore, learn, meet and enjoy the 100+ music makers in an experience similar to a real world ‘open studios’ tour. They can navigate from building to building and ‘visit’ the inhabitants therein. Each maker has provided a video, images and text that describes themselves and their work, with links to their social media, additional videos and their website.”

(Source: press release)

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