Making a sound board with grid

hello all :slight_smile:

just got my grid and was wondering – has anyone used the grid as a sound board? i’m looking to create a simple sound effects player for a live performance. basically want to assign an audio file to a button on the grid that simply plays when you press it. i did some digging around existing patches and surprisingly couldn’t find something like this. i’m pretty new to max so slowly trying to build one from scratch but it would be great if there are any completed ones or helpful tutorials around. i also have logic and ableton. any help / tips would be greatly appreciated!


Check out 64 fingers Max patch!

ah thank you! that sounds great, however i can’t seem to find a download for it anymore – found it here ( but the link is 404d :confused:
i got 64videofingers in the meantime but i think the regular 64fingers would probably suit me better…

Never used this patch before, but I’d be happy to lend some assistance in max if you’d like to build something yourself. I’d check out polybuffer~ to get started.

If you have max for live, another route could be using or making an app that outputs midi to control a drum rack.

64fingers got moved to another repository:

I updated the wiki.

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And then, check out edison’s entire body of work for inspiration.