Making Lppr run

Interested in using the looping program that is in the first Aleph video. Was poking around and its called " Lppr ".
Found the code on github here

but curious how to make this into a app that I can run on the Aleph. Tried to copy the code into a textedit and then save with a .hex extension and then put it in my app folder on the SD cards directory - but no dice. Anyone know how to get this going ? Very new to Aleph but from what I read about “Lppr” it sounds just what I want to use.

lppr was built with a very old prototype version of the software framework-- it’s not recoverable without a good amount of work, which would be better spent recreating the functionality within bees. there’s a good chance there’s a scene already that does everything lppr had to offer-- have you checked out the available scenes?

Thanks I’ll give it a go on bees and check the scenes. Ive had the unit for about only a week but its super exciting ! I stumbled on something once that gave a brief description of the different scenes, some really interesting things to be done.