Making noises with underpowered processors!

Apropos of nothing, but I started a project just over a year ago to get back to my embedded-programming roots :slight_smile: Somewhat inspired by devices by Bastl et. al. I started having fun with an ATTiny85. One of the groups I am in make music only with instruments that we have made ourselves, so this was another reason for embarking on this.

I find it fun to go really low-level: no DSP here! 8k code space, 512 bytes RAM and 6 usable I/O pins :smiley:

Anyway, there’s a github here (includes schematic) and some build instructions here.

First build (bad video):

Small demo (not much better video):

and a slightly better video of one or two of them in a gig context:

I have been producing small runs of kits sold locally, and I have some other projects on the go as well. Would be interested in finding like-minded people I guess :smile:




oooh - wicked noises in that middle video! Reminds me a bit of my cursus iteratas

may need to give this a go if my forthcoming attempts at building things work out…

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Sounds great! Would be interested to try building one some time

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:slight_smile: I started a thread over on muffwiggler last year and a guy in the US DIYed one successfully… I’ll try and find the link.

I have got a ‘Eurorack-compatible’ pcb but I’ve not actually built it yet on account of not having a eurorack system :wink:


Like this. If you have any kits at any point would love one (UK too).

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At the moment the storefront is on the WonkyStuff Bandcamp page — wondering about something like Etsy, but not sure …!

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Muffwiggler conversation is here including an independent implementation from the US :slight_smile: