Making "perfect loop" with earth sea?

Hello Guys, i’m trying to record a “perfect loop” on the earth sea, but i still didn’t find a way…

the current loops i’m recording all sound out of time and the loop restart happens in a very awkward moment feeling like the pattern isn’t the correct length…

any tips on how to get it right?

also i guess i can’t sync it to anything else right? : (

If you have a teletype you can sync it to a trigger. Or you can linearize the sequence so it’s more quantized. Otherwise, I agree. Loops do sound weirdly off. Not sure why?!

Clocking the earthsea from teletype does not consistently work in my system but gets completely out of time every now and then or misses steps.

What I am about to try out is using the reset command to get slightly off, since manual recorded but still in sync patterns for the extra human touch.

But having an arpeggio/loop with perfect timing would be great too.

I must say I don’t encounter this problem and have been making great use of earthsea looping lately.

with arm and loop enabled, I’m able to perfectly loop the pattern when pressing start/stop button.

My initial thought was that you could unlock some kind of trophy if you nailed a perfect loop. I have not been able to do that yet but I’ll receive a teletype soon so hopefully I can reset/sync loops then.

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I can get loops to work out just OK by using the linear rune. Although, sometimes this causes some of the notes to become longer gates instead of the shorter plucks that I intended… not sure why. I do wish there was a way to tempo sync to a clock without a Teletype. For some reason, I just assumed the module would have a clock input somewhere - I didn’t read close enough. Even a clock or reset output would increase the utility of this module by quite a bit.