Making Polyrhythms with Ableton Push

Hello everyone! I’m curious what folks on here have used to create polyrhythmic sequences in Ableton.

I just got a Push 2, and ideally I’d like to find a good way been that a) I can interact with using the Push (e.g. Don’t require using the computer directly to program a beat) and b) support using different pattern lengths for each sound (e.g. 16 steps for the bass drum, 10 steps for the hi-hats, and 12 steps for the snare). I spent some time playing around with Skinnerbox’s Time and Timbre this weekend, and it’s really fun.

I’m wondering what else might be out there. Any recommendations of what to look into? Doesn’t have to be Push-specific.

p.s. I’ve been lurking around here for a couple months, but finally signed up. I’m relatively new to making music with electronics, but have played guitar for almost 20 years. I’ve always been into running my guitar though effect pedals, so doing things like looping, sampling, and generally tearing apart my guitar with my computer sort of came naturally.

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I don’t have a Push, but in Ableton generally it’s easy to make Polymeters by having different drums in different tracks, then just adjust the loop length of the tracks accordingly.

Excellent to have you aboard!

POLYRHYTHMUS from our very own @benniii might do the trick, if not provide a grand time exploring.

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What @dan_derks said! Polyrhythmus is awesome.

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Thanks gang, glad to be here! I’ll check out Polyrhythmus for sure.

@DMR, I tried using a different track for each piece of the drum kit, but it felt kind of cumbersome, I couldn’t really see the whole pattern at once. I’ll keep playing around with that though.