Making sample packs vs kontakt instruments vs plugins

Anyone have experience with making sample packs with the intention of using them as a virtual instrument? I recently got a bunch of Morfbeats stuff and I’m loving it, and thought it would be a fun project to try multisampling it sufficiently to make a passable virtual instrument. I’m curious if anyone here has gone down this road before and has any tips. It seems like the bulk of the work will be the actual sampling itself - controlling variables, recording technique etc. Beyond that I’ve found some guides like this one for turning those into a Kontakt instrument. This all seems pretty manageable so far, but then I thought to myself maybe it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from there to turn it into an actual plugin (AU/VST/whatever), where I could customize the interface and so on, and perhaps have more flexibility.

I’m especially interested to hear from anyone who has made their own plugins and can comment on the relative difficulty of that path vs creating a Kontakt instrument (for someone who can code but hasn’t written any VSTs before).

You might be interested in pianobook for documentation and community about sampling:

and this : Decent Sampler Plugin [FREE] - decent|SAMPLES

Sample packs are awesome, esp to use in hardware samplers etc. But if you take the time to make cool multisampled instruments it’s even better :slight_smile: As it’s pretty much impossible to create an instrument with all possible sounds, there’s ways to make these with a lot of personality to them.

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I’ve written VST’s from scratch and I think it would be a lot lot more work doing an instrument that way compared with a Kontakt instrument. The amount of extra work would depend on the complexity of the instrument. However even a simple playback only thing with no controls would be already be loads more work than putting it together in Kontakt.