Making stand alone modular instruments


ever thought of going full Serge?

Loudest warning stuff is miiighty fine…

and serge without bananas is :thinking: in my opinion…


Thought about it plenty of times but £££ :slight_smile:


I’ve wondered about this - can’t you get the same effect from stackables/mults?


actually no, you cant, because of grounding in 3,5mm jacks. you will always have this little pop-sound when reconnecting during the performance. there are ways to reduce the effect but it’s never as fluent as with bananas.


At the Makenoise 10th anniversary event, there was a panel with the bulk of the firmware designers of the MN stuff and Tony R. talking about the design decisions of individual modules. It was pretty interesting. Towards the end, the question came up about when they knew they were designing a system instead of just modules. I can’t do the answer justice, but in spite of the MN shared system existing in a variety of forms, I hadn’t considered the idea that MN was designing pieces of a system. In retrospect, it’s obvious, but it was a bit of a revelation when I heard it.

It has me looking at module manufacturers a bit differently now, trying to see the system they’re delivering. Part of the fun of modular is composing your own instrument, but I’ve definitely been enjoying looking for design messages in a full line of modules from a single maker.

You may read this and react with a well duh reaction, consider this a post that may have been better as a diary entry.


It’s also really interesting within the context of manufacturers who might only make part of a system or fall somewhere in the middle. In particular, I’m thinking of Olivier of Mutable Instruments. His post on discontinuing Peaks is basically, ‘I wanted to make a system, it lacked all of these functionalities, so I put them all in one module, and I’m ultimately dissatisfied with it.’ (My summary from memory…)


I think it’s definitely easy to lose sight of that, I know I do. I don’t get on with MN modules, for reasons I’m not completely clear on, but I can see the appeal for sure, and why their shared system is so popular! My posts in this thread have been wrestling with this idea of building my own instrument, when I think what I should do is invest in a system that’s like a VCS3 (or whatever). That’s one thing that has stopped me getting into NLC stuff - what’s the system he’s designing? The Null and CellF I guess, but everything else is too open-ended for my imagination at the moment.

Currently taking ideas from these lovely things:


I’ve been really, really thinking about one of those Shuttle Systems. (and just “instruments” in general)


Just finished collecting everything for a mannequins system with the main idea being immediacy.


been very curious about praga, esp for VC panning - how are you finding it?


I think it’s a big step up from what I had been using ( cockpit). It’s a simple mixer in one sense but in another sense it’s a quad panning vca with sends. It’s perfect time for me. Also, I like what you’ve done with my stages :wink:


I’ve been slowly moving away from a “rack” and disctinctly towards systems. I’ve sold most of my euro and am building two Random*Source 4U Serge panels. I’ve also invested in Ciat-Lonbarde and Bugbrand pieces. The only euro I have left really are a few effects that I love and a small system really designed around the IFM modules.

I’m way happier with this setup.


When you posted those 42hp 6u cases the other day, i thought of making something similar with my dusg & resonant eq as well as a wogglebug and a cold mac.


Kilpatrick Phenol is great standalone instrument for performances. Truly mobile option and very well built. Andrew is probably the friendliest person on Earth to ask advises and guidance.


That’d be a fun little box I’d bet! :smiley:


As someone whose planning to build a system very similar to this, it’s really interesting to hear your music; I dig it!



I thought you didn’t need gears!


This forum is destroying my brain cells


Don’t worry, it’s doing that to me too… back to daydreaming about a grid :upside_down_face: