Making stand alone modular instruments





I’d love to see the Modulargrid breakdown of this instrument. So compact yet so complete!


Here it is:

This patch wasn’t even using mangrove, cold mac, or w/. 2hp left for crows. :wink:

Edit: fixed the screenshot


The knobs / jacks of the Mannequins modules (top) have a nice appearance / flow - with that particular arrangement / ordering of the modules (from L to R)


I’ll admit I’m intrigued by your bottom row, and your decision to stage a 2hp TRIM next to both Ansible and Earthsea White Whale. Not familiar with the Delptronics modules TBH. Well done.


The 2hp trim modules on the bottom row were initially there to give me trim options from ansible’s cv outs when using the arc with cycles. But then I found the “hidden” trim function in cycles. The other monome module is white whale, and I also trim the two cv outs from there. The delptronics modules are super basic, but they are analog and they provide nice basic 808-like drum sounds. The expansion module gives me cv control over pitch for most sounds, decay and tone for open and closed hats. Smallest modules I could find to give me 8 drum sounds.


Structure 96! Fantastic cases… I only sold mine to go even smaller (Nono Rover 60).


I’ve been thinking about this Make Noise video for the past few days and realised that for a live case I’d love something this immediate, noisy, and super simple. That in mind, I can’t afford an Erbe-Verb and 2x Pressure Points. Any ideas for how to make a cheap(er) ‘free improv’ rack that achieves similar sounds and immediacy of control? I like the idea of no oscillators, and the thing makes no sound unless I’m touching it.
I’m half thinking I could make something fun with Mr. Grassi, Lines, Basimilus Iteritas Alter and Cinnamon, but that’s not in keeping with the modest economical goal.

Idea so far:


I’ve been playing with the erbe verb in self oscillation mode (maybe because of that video? I thought I gravitated to it on my own, but I follow MN on instagram, so who knows…). The one secret to the self oscillation in erbe verb is the shimmer effect algorithm they include when you jack the depth knob full CW. There’s an explanation in this video. The tilt function also acts as a filter. So - to get some of those sounds, you should consider something that self oscillates (CHECK) delay (CHECK) and filter. I don’t see a filter, unless I’m missing something. Maybe a relatively inexpensive doepfer bandpass filter? Or Bastl Skis? That’s a filter I think? duh. I zoomed in. Now I see cinnamon is a filter, I thought it was something else. I typed before I researched.

Based on your posts though, you probably know more about this than I do. Interested to see how this system shakes out!


Have you considered something like the Landscape Stereo Field too?


just for fun i threw this idea together, but now i think i’m in love


Aesthetically pleasing, sonically rewarding. Do you have the means/modules to make this system a reality? A real picture of this synth would be very striking I imagine!


“A multiplicity of dualities. Monochromaticism expanding across rows, dividing down, repeating. Syncreticism between two poles, a dialogue in opposition.”

—My “Mannequins booklet” review of your system.


A shared Shared System.


nice. im waiting for my er-301 and TT but seems like when they are paired they go a long way


Sadly no, I’d have to part out a real shared system and cartesian to get my hands on black erbe, black opto, and black lxd. :sob:


Monome got me back into Euro after a year-long hiatus earlier this spring, and this is the system I’ve built out thus far:

I don’t have the TXo yet, and my plan is to sell off my Linix in favor of the Intellijel Quad VCA since acquiring the Scan & Pan a couple of weeks ago. Beyond the modular, I’m sporting a grid and a Norns, so I’ll definitely be getting a Crow as soon they’re available.

I’m curious if any of you have ideas/feedback in terms of completing the system. I’m on the fence with Plaits, to be honest, so there could be room to sneak in one last larger module.


I think the only things that tempt me rn are Akemie’s Taiko and Natural Gate. I really like this system! it feels like a larger version of what I’m building.


I think the UX might be slightly better (and a little less HP) with Scan & Pan + Nearness, as opposed to the Mixup. You could plug the outs of scan and pan into the far left right, and then have a place to put mono or near-mono sources (which you could expand even more with submixes from triatt, the quad vca, or quadratt). Just a thought though.