Making stand alone modular instruments





I’d love to see the Modulargrid breakdown of this instrument. So compact yet so complete!


Here it is:

This patch wasn’t even using mangrove, cold mac, or w/. 2hp left for crows. :wink:

Edit: fixed the screenshot


The knobs / jacks of the Mannequins modules (top) have a nice appearance / flow - with that particular arrangement / ordering of the modules (from L to R)


I’ll admit I’m intrigued by your bottom row, and your decision to stage a 2hp TRIM next to both Ansible and Earthsea White Whale. Not familiar with the Delptronics modules TBH. Well done.


The 2hp trim modules on the bottom row were initially there to give me trim options from ansible’s cv outs when using the arc with cycles. But then I found the “hidden” trim function in cycles. The other monome module is white whale, and I also trim the two cv outs from there. The delptronics modules are super basic, but they are analog and they provide nice basic 808-like drum sounds. The expansion module gives me cv control over pitch for most sounds, decay and tone for open and closed hats. Smallest modules I could find to give me 8 drum sounds.


Structure 96! Fantastic cases… I only sold mine to go even smaller (Nono Rover 60).