Making stand alone modular instruments


There’s a few different ways I’ve done it, but I typically amplify the contact mic with ears, turn up the sensitivity and send the out or gate to the rings trigger or in. It’s pretty fun. Here’s @MengQiMusic doing some cool stuff with piezos and Rings.


Would love to hear that. :black_heart:


Here you go:


This is absolutely brilliant.


Thank you! It becomes more interesting just before I had to turn it off, when I increased Ears’ gain control a little. Got a bit out of control in the end…


What a great story that is.


One of my favorite videos from the modular folks.

Would be cool to do a similar in concept with only a laptop. The built in microphone on a Mac air picks up sound across the whole body, so I bet you could make a similar expressive instrument system using the touch pad and the signal from the microphone. And when you turn up the speaker you get feedback ¯_(ツ)_/ ¯.

Anyway, an idea for another time and another thread…



@dude Hopefully that becomes reality soon.
I’ll echo the Modcan love.
Here’s my recently revamped standalone system.




This is my case (waiting on SSM in the mail and still trying to find a second Sisters) which feels so close to being a playable, full voiced instrument, well suited to live performance. 2hp left for crow. I am considering changing out PNW with a Shakmat Time Wizard though, as a step away from programming and move towards more hands on, real time changes. PNW is amazing for saving patches for performance, however.

I would make a stripped down version in an Intellijel 7u 104hp case for travel, if I make any plans to play overseas!


My partner recently said that we should get a white noise machine to help with sleeping. I immediately thought that this could be achieved nicely with a few modules.

So I present to you my proposal for a white noise machine. I’d love to see what version of this you could/might put together. This might be my next DIY / development project – a standalone semi-modular sleep oriented noise machine!


wow i’m so into this idea. we also sleep with one of those, i wonder how even the slowest modulations would affect my sleep.


That’s why I added the 2xO/A. Thinking the attenuater / offset would be very helpful to keeping the vca just riding open and have the ability to create some very subtle modulations. I suppose with a standard vca (I was thinking it’d be a LPG when I first added the 2xO/A) you could keep it mostly open all the time with the normal knob so the 2xO/A could likely be removed for ease / cost.


I love / hate this idea :smiley: amazing. Might not even be the most expensive white noise sleep machine ever but has to be close :slight_smile:


current state


in the process of downsizing and planning what that will look like. torn between make noise CV bus case, Intellijel 104hp 7U, or Intellijel 84hp 7U.

Mocked up this little system this morning that would go into the 84hp 7U and I’m liking the look of it


I’m a vocal supporter of 7U 84hp. The extra constraint really forces me to learn my modules more deeply and come up with tricks (Beast’s Chalkboard, Shifty) to make the system sound more sophisticated and musical than it really is.

It really puts the brakes on the GAS too. I preordered a Marbles (possibly while high) but I’m thinking of canceling it. Where the hell am I gonna put it?


FWIW, Marbles is really useful and fun in a compact case. :star: ¯\ _(" 3)_ /¯ :star: