Making stand alone modular instruments


This is my small standalone. With the great W/ Update 1.2 it is more playable. Love and hate the complexity of it.


Did you make the case yourself? It’s uniquely sized and the wood looks nice.


Thank you! The eurorack frame is a leftover so I made a mahogany frame to it wich was left from making a center board to a small sailing boat:)
It’s not the best size but I like the restrictions of it


Just arrived, dont have the powerchord needed for the powersupply but first impression is that the build quality is the best i ever seen i eurorack. Just simply stunning


somehow nice for stand alone (4ms pods)


Is there a tutorial somewhere about adding piezos to a case for adding some tactile input? Please point me to it if it’s not too much trouble.


I don’t have a tutorial, per se, but I can give general advice.

I’ve tried a few different methods, the most successful being my ~50hp DIY case with electrical-taped contact mics inside. For this one, I have a TSNM, ears, rings, and a WMD MMF. I’d take the contact mic output into the ears > rings ‘IN’ > MMF > external reverb and delay and get great results. This makes a great (and controllable) feedback loop. It’s extremely gestural and organic sounding. Sounds below. (also, follow me on instagram, nerds)

I have recently been exploring using a stereo piezo into my Pittsburgh Patchbox’s input jack and using that as a trigger for envelopes or modulation for a small, self contained 42hp system I’m building. I’ll post something from this after I get some more time with it.

It’s worth noting that piezos can generate really, REALLY high voltages, so it’s best to run them into a preamp as a buffer beforehand. I prefer the ears because of the envelope follower, but there are a few on modular grid you can check out.


I loved these videos but didn’t realize how simple the setup is !


there’s a lilllll more to it end of chain (reverb, delay, compressor, and My Secret Sauce) but yeah!


My personal emphasis on modular is sequencing/performance. In two of my live cases I’ve outsourced the sound creation to external synths, which means I have more than enough ground in 6U systems to focus on what Eurorack does best: sequencing.

The third case is 3U and it’s build as a single, one voice instrument. Given that my love for physical modeling is quite prevalent, I’ve been wondering why there are no modular bands around … to which I replied “You should start one!”. Thus, a 3U single voice system was born with the idea of it being an instrument that needs to be rehearsed.

As @papernoise mentioned above, the basic premise between all three, and what usually is common among modular users who have either downsized or created smaller systems as performance instruments, is that there’s a central module or concept around which the system is built. It might change, or it might mutate, but the core spark that inspired the case design is usually there.

PS: here are some video examples of how diverse one of the systems is


Hey John how’s this set up been for you since posting, I have a similar plan to build this year thus intrigued by your enjoyment of this set up


I built a little 6U 52hp case to play while I build a 9U 104hp case. Hard to see in the photo but it has MI’s Braids, Tides v1, Clouds, Peaks, Ears, and Streams. Also MN Maths and Rosie. I purposely excluded some other favorite modules, which has been fun. It truly has been inspiring to make a more compact system, which becomes a new instrument. Highly recommend, particularly if you are traveling or want to shake up your practice, as others have said.


These are really neat. Are you striking the case then to agitate the mics? At first blush I had assumed you’d scraped Ears. Do you have more than one Ears or are you just wiring multiple mics together? :thinking: