Making stand alone modular instruments


definitely still plenty to work with IMO! also, have you considered MI Frames as a way to control multiple parameters at once? It is pretty unique in being able to adjust multiple parameters in different directions.


I use Cold Mac for this as well. It’s a function I didn’t know I wanted until I had it.


I bought Cold Mac exactly for this functionality and for the reason that I wanted to ‘instrumentise’ my Modular.

I did find that joysticks and manual parameter shifts often need attenuators just to trim the output to a usable range, I got rid of my Doepfer Theremin controller as it tied up an attenuator just to not sweep from -10V - 10V. ( and I was rubbish at it…)


i have a Befaco Joystick, which has offset and attenuverter for both axes. You can also patch a signal into each axis. Great joystick module!


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially with Reaktor 6 and VCV Rack. I find that I pretty much only use the ER-301, Morphagene, and Rainmaker lately.

I found a Bastl Rumburak case at a very low price, so I’ve put together this idea for a system that sits on the side table next to my computer:

One idea is to swap the Ansible and two Telexes for a Just Friends periodically.


Got an ER-301 on the way, so I’m planning ahead and thinking about a rig centred around that. I have an idea of how to mod my Synthrotek Power Lunch case to put modules in the lid and and slowly building up this madness:

The blank panel would be the Tetrapad expander that is being bandied about on MW. So a small footprint instrument with lots of digital mangling, performative interaction, and sequencing potential.

Combine all that with my Deluge and 0-Coast and it’s a nice little live rig that fits in my bike courier bag.


Yes I have for sure, in a different, larger version of this I had two! I’m really not sure what I’d take out of for it though, and I’m not sure if I’m really into the uBursts mini version to be found.


I’ve considered two for that, one for CV and one for audio. It’s a good and unusual one for this purpose with often surprising results.


I think you may mean “Planks”, uBurst is a mini Clouds.

A thought if you wanted to have Frames in there is that you could swap out a Planar and Quad VCA for Frames and a uVCA II (or similar) and have 2hp left over for a mult or whatever. For a lot of the ways someone could use a Planar you could use the Frames instead, but it all comes down to preference (of course).

On one hand you have two dimensional direct control with Planar, on the other you have one dimensional control of four parameters in multiple directions with multiple interpolation options with Frames. Both can be used as VCAs of sorts, so there is some overlap, but just a different approach which for me would encourage very different uses, including using one of the Planar axes to control Frames, or using the ‘sense’ or manual gate from Planar (or Walk, for that matter) to step through Frames in sequencer mode, using it as a kind of preset changer.

Not trying to convince you, just offering a different perspective :smiley:


I’ve been thinking about doing the same. Plus they have nicer power supplies than either of the 2 smaller cases I have right now, so will work nicely with my grid without my current janky workarounds. :slight_smile:

I’ve been kind of doing the strategy of using my larger case (which is still “only” 6u x 104hp) as a library, and then my smaller 3u x 104hp case as my portable jam-box that I can easily grab and bring to a friends’ place for more minimal, collaborative sessions.


@mlogger just published this vid with a very intriguing small modular instrument:

I’ve been pondering something along the same lines for my first modular, since joining this forum - a sound mangler/effect processor, maybe with sequencing capabilities. My first thought was that it should be centered around the ER-301, housed in a Grau Modular pocket case (2x51HP) but mlogger’s lunchbox got me interested in something smaller…

Or just get an octatrack or a cocoquantus. :confused:


I’m having the same dilemma: Small morphagene system (or Morphagene anywhere), Octatrack, or Cocoquantus. I don’t think I’ll get what i want unless its the Coco but the others have other uses and integrate with my existing instruments better… I use a couple of the Ieaskal Mobenthey modules and can get some Coco type craziness, so I’m think these and the Morphagene plus delay ++ might be the best compromise. The advantage is I could use modules I already know too. I’ve been going round in circles on this for a whiel…


I have kind of the opposite situation, the Coco would actually fit quite well into my existing setup. Sadly, that doesn’t really help me, because the Coco would still be dependent on my regular setup…

The problem I’m facing is the hassle of transporting and moving all that gear when I’m to jam with someone/do a show, etc. The reason i’m into an Octatrack or this idea of the small(-ish) modular instrument is portability. The possibility to take what i’m working on at home, through sampled recordings, continue or transmute that with other people’s sonic outputs, without it being a whole enterprise every time.


This is exactly what I’m considering right now. I have my ER-301 in a 7u 104hp case but I really want something smaller to travel with. It would basically accompany an Organelle and OP-1 for recording and FX duties but also for whatever else I wanted it for. Not sure what I would pair it with though…


I never liked walls of modulars, so I always build smaller subsets to work with. Tonight I’m planning to build this in my Frap Tools Plus 2x84hp. The ER301 is a final mixer, effector, mangler, and additional source.
What do you think?


for me is ok, i’ll take it
you can ship it at my address :wink:


These are pretty different instruments. The Coco can’t do a clean loop/delay, it’s always at least a bit crazy. And the interface is like doing magical incantations… The Octatrack is much more of a precision instrument, clean sampling and sequencing. Something you would program, where the Cocoquantus feels like another musician you’re playing along with.

I have used a Morphagene yet, but again feels really different in terms of sound characteristics and the type of manipulation and control.

I have a Cocoquantus and love it, but it’s definitely not a standard looper or delay effect.


Contemplating something along these lines…

Initially thinking the 4 att/verts could be utilitzed as manual mixer controls for the channels - something that can get annoying to do with the single big knob.

42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration



post a video if you’re up for it! Looks super fun! you’ve got a solid half dozen modules that I personally want to get :smiley:

Also, I’m interested to hear how you get along with the uBurst/uClouds. Did you build it?