Making stand alone modular instruments


My approach is to try to make single manufacturer systems (stand alone modular systems)
And having a modulation/sequencing/sample skiff on the side for all that fun stuff :grinning:


yikes. definitely want to hear what this can do!


I’m planning on making a stand-alone little instrument by getting a Moog 60hp enclosure to pair with my Mother-32. Haven’t made much of a plan for what will go in there beyond an Ansible for sequencing, but I’d like to get a dedicated second oscillator to patch into the M32’s external input (and feed the same 1v/oct signal) to thicken it out to a 2 VCO voice. Its gonna be a small rack so with that purpose in mind, I’m looking at various small oscillators (<=4hp).

So far the options I’m considering are

  • 2HP VCO
  • Doepfer A-111-3
  • Erica Pico VCO

Any others to consider or reasons to lean towards any of the above three?


Nice, good to see random is achievable, and presumably really flexible. Not gelling with the Wogglebug I bought the other month at all!


V. brief demo of one direction.

I love to play with it.


Looks great! What are the skiffs on the desk?


Hope to not be mistaken… Top Left is a Birdkids Bateleur system; on the right there is an 84hp shuttle. And the beast below is a 126hp skiff made of 3 Frap Tools PLUS modular cases assembled together (42+42+42). Frap stuff is awesome :slight_smile:


Frap tools all the way…only thing that i see as a issue is the the depth that is only 43 mm. Otherwise is it full modular case with 42HP with every section that u could build on. Perfect for small cases that wants to expand.


Totally spot on u are


Its a shuttle system with the old terminal actually… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


haha DAMN! fair enough! :laughing:


@mrsoundboyking You are a truly sick dude in the best possible way! I have developed a serious Benjolin problem and you are not helping.
Thanks, though!


Benjolin is hometown.


Playing around with ideas for a Benjolin rig (inspired by @mrsoundboyking) in a Moog 60hp case. What do we reckon to this? Looks fun to me but I haven’t used Marbles so may be misunderstanding it.


Some idiosyncrasies of the Benjolin are that the output for the three filter outs are line level. Between the cross-modulation the the much-imitated Rungler circuit available on both oscillators and the filter, there is much to engage. I don’t have Marbles, and have zero doubts about its authority, but I would have a hard time keeping it out of my main case…I have a hunch in the same hp you could add some other functionality that might be more complimentary. That’s just a hunch of course, your needs will guide you. For example I think of Peaks immediately for small systems, and Epoch just released the Twinpeak MKII with higher (apparently still not quite modular) output.

That said, if you know Benjo you know Benjo, and we all find our way.

Would love to hear what you come up with if you do put this little beast together, in any form!


Nice. It’s something I’m half considering at the moment. Thinking Marbles mostly as a fun modulator for the Benjolin, but maybe there’s something else that would be more fun. I’ll take a look at Peaks :slight_smile:


if you want a random mod source then both marbles andpeaks will give you that with a bunch of pros and cons:
pro: small footprint, a vast colkection of LFO shapes, incl. random ones. the shapes can be morphed (eg. random can go from steppy to smooth), also works as an EG and various other things
con: if you want two independent channels you need to use expert or dual mode, which are a bit harder to use or limited in functionality. Limited control over the random shape, you basically just control the frequency and how smooth it is.

pro: it’s a random workhorse, with several layers of control over the 4 outputs (looping/repetition), spread, bias, etc. it also produces gates/clock. Hence it’s much more performance/jamming oriented. Built-in quantizer for pitched sequences.
con: bigger than peaks, if you just want a sawtooth or sine LFO it won’t let you do that.


Extremely fun little setup… I just wish there was one more envelope in there.


That is sweet. I love NLC.


I spent 4 hours with this instrument last night. So many possibilities in the null.