Managing multiple voices

Hi all, I’m using:
Norns shield → iConnectivity mio2 → Expers Sleepers FH-1

I’m thinking of creating a sequencer that I can use in context with my band, so I’d like to easily move between different sections as well as introduce variation.

At the moment I have four sequences running and I’m able to easily program each sequence voice. But if I output more than one voice only the first voice sends proper note on gates out of the FH-1 the rest sound like they have very narrow pulse widths and at random steps output a strong enough gate to trigger their respective modules.

I’m confident that this is not a hardware issue as I changed the code to test each voice individually and I have tested voices 1-4, 2-4, and 3-4. It’s always the case that the top voice works fine and the rest suffer.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with how I’m managing note_on and note_off. I’m using this great walkthrough by @dan_derks.

a quick view of my voices
for i = 1,4 do
    m:note_on(scale[steps[i][position[i]]] ,127,midi_out_channel[i])
    table.insert(active_notes[i],scale[steps[i][position[i]]] )
    position[i] = (position[i] % stepcount[i]) + 1

Here is a Gist to my full code

Thanks :slight_smile:

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