Mañana Cuba

I wasn’t 100% sure flights, etc were all going to come together until just this morning, but it looks like we’re going to make it to the Mañana Festival in Santiago de Cuba, May 4-6.

If anybody else here happens to be going, I’d love to meet up.


Wow. It’s going to take me a while to edit the audio, video, and photography, and to process the thoughts and feelings from our many adventures in Santiago de Cuba this past week.

Meanwhile, Greg Scruggs did a superlative job summing up the festival.

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Behind the scenes photo album.

More from Greg Scruggs:

Gali played live with festival sound director Pouya Ehsaei, who filtered
his drumbeats, and we chatted afterwards backstage. He seemed bemused
at the electronic manipulations that could transform the warmth of his
drum into cold metallic resonances. I asked him if digital technology,
like the drum, could also be sacred. “Look, if we talk about the sacred,
we have to talk about ritual,” he explained, his voice just as metallic
through the throat box. And to him, there’s no space for the digital in
the ceremony, no matter how virtuoso one might be. “You can play it
well,” he said, “But you can’t ritualize it.”

I took the liberty of recording Galis and Pouya Ehsaei:

The impatient should fast-forward to the 32:00 mark.

I believe Pouya is using a Vermona filter here.

More Milian Galis

And Pouya Ehsaei