Manchester 11/13 constanzo+crabtree+gilligan

a collision of energies scheduled for november: @Rodrigo @instantjuggler @tehn

Sunday, November 13 at 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM UTC

VENUE CHANGE: St. Margaret’s Church in Whalley Range, Whalley Road, M16 8AE

alongside a great many intriguing artists. read on:


may slightly resemble these together:

(first vid, a massive edit by @instantjuggler from our summer tour)

come see long awaited human connections made.


this hasta get periscoped!!! plzzzz!!!


@Angela will be there filming!


I can’t wait to meet you guys! And I’m soooo very excited for the show.


top post updated with venue change!

Ahh, just a bit too far for me.

@tehn, are you travelling elsewhere in the UK?

yeah, and I’ve just got back from travelling - Salford for the evening is a bit far!

sadly no-- i think i’m in the UK for not even 24 hours…

For all interested, the venue’s changed. So it’s no longer in Salford. It’s in Whalley Range.

I will be there for sure!

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thanks to everyone who came out tonight, the other performers, and the organizers! shit was crazy in the best way possible- the reason to be alive!!!


It was a real joy :slight_smile:

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Indeed, It was a beautiful night! (@Angela filmed, so there will be video(s) at some point soon)


Great!!! Looking forward to see/hear

I’m editing it right now actually! Then Rod will clean up the audio and bingo-bango…video! (soooooon) : )


the constanzo/crabtree/gilligan power trio was indeed a joy to behold!

the other performers where fascinating too (i particularly enjoyed Pierre Berthet’s mechanical noise maker things and vacuum powered techno)

i’m still smiling that such little array of wonders managed to come together on a typically rainy evening in Manchester at a church not a mile from my house I had no idea existed :slight_smile:

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there seems to be a video up:

really beautiful stuff by all the performers! constrained in sounds and space, yet also sprawling. thank you for documenting this experience.

(also, is that an alfred cameo in the front row at the beginning?)


Yeah, more (all the rest) of the videos coming tomorrow once my Vimeo quota is reset.

And indeed, he was randomly there on tour!


How were the acoustics in the church? I ask because it’s hard to tell given you’re using effects.

My husband is a church organist and I’ve always wanted to set up in a church and feel what “real” acoustics are like.

Quite church-y, though it’s a funky shape in that it’s tall, but then wide (without the height). It’s worth mentioning that the audio you hear is a blend of the church (Zoom) audio, and our direct audio.

Done many gigs there so kind of used to it. I’m not a huge fan of the acoustic for percussive-heavy music, but for stuff like this it’s really nice.