Yep, factory norns, latest os (200712), and I am fairly positive the latest mangl as I reloaded maiden and installed fresh…but I will test further in the morning!

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I’ll keep looking as well! We’ll figure it out :sweat_smile:

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Just pushed a fix to the distortion problem! It ended up being the filter I was using in the engine. Things are working much better now, so update away!

NB: this will probably mess up your presets, but it sounds much better


Do it, do it now…the revision sounds MARVELLOUS!

My deepest gratitude to @Justmat for all the work!

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Just noticed that alt + enc1 is controlling the delay send now and alt +enc2 isn’t controlling anything.

are you on the latest version of mangl?

alt + enc 1 should be filter cutoff
alt + enc 2 should be delay sends

here’s the code…

i can confirm that this is working as intended for me. note that alt + 2 doesn’t show anything on screen, but if you look at the tracks delay send param, it’s working.

i’ll take some time this morning to put the delay send value on screen when adjusting alt + e2.

edit: i’ve pushed a change that adds delay sends to the screen. hold alt and cutoff will be top left, sends top right.



Alt + enc1 and Alt + enc2 will change cutoff and delay send. I don’t think alt+enc3 is supposed to do anything. Is this the issue your video is showing?


AHHH!! :man_facepalming:t4: can’t believe I was stuck thinking enc1 was 2 and enc2 was 3 smh

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glad you got it sorted! with no labels, these things can happen lol

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I finally got to connecting a MIDI controller (good ol’ nanoKontrol2) to Mangl. However I’m not able to map anything to gain, speed, jitter, size, density, pitch, spread and fade for each voice. They do show up in the parameter map for the individual voices, but I can’t get into the mapping menu with key3. Is it because these parameters are reserved for an Arc? Is there currently a way to enable those parameters to be MIDI mapped? I’m running 2.2 on 201029.

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So, gain/speed/jitter/size/density/spread/fade are all taper type parameters, and at this point taper type parameters can’t be midi-mapped.


I asked a question regarding this yesterday in the questions category. Found this out via Oooooo. Has this worked earlier? Another user seems to have had this working. Is it a firmware issue?

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I did search this forum for Mangl midi mapping but did not see any mentions of the key parameters not being mappable. It would definitely be nice if there was a way to map the most important parameters to midi, Mangl certainly deserves this!

So it seems this is not Mangl-exclusive regarding taper type parameters right, @Justmat? More applications could benefit from a change in the firmware in that case, especially if they used to work before. If so this discussion should probably shift to a different topic, otherwise a Mangl-MIDI version or parameter type toggle could be a workaround?

midi learn/map should work for parameters of types control, taper, number, and option. (and also now binary.)

…looking now, it seems like the logic is there for the learn function but missing for the map function… and/or taper params aren’t “mappable” by default but the other params are. i dunno.
@tehn it seems like an easy fix.

i would attempt it myself but am in the middle of a large house move this weekend

@Justmat it may be enough to declare the params with allow_pmap=true in the constructor.


thanks for the extra eyes and info! i’ll allow_pmap explicitly in the constructors.


made a little max patch to control mangl over osc and called it mango :mango::blush: here’s a vid of me using it:

going to look into getting osc data back from norns to update the max patch when parameters are changed on the norns

hopefully can get started in learning lua soon, want to look into adding the ability to move the loop you can set with alt+k2 with the position parameter


Wow! I just got an Arc and Mangl was my first experience. I initially had issues but after a reinstall it was running beautifully. I was instantly in a sonic wonderland :sparkles:
Thanks @Justmat
Wishing there was a way to record straight in but from memory its an engine limitation?


oooh that’s a nice idea!

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yeah, recording isn’t supported as of now. i’ve been meaning to make another granular script that focuses on live input, just haven’t got around to it yet :sweat_smile:


Oh I would LOVE a granular script that focuses on live input! Maybe after your new looper app you could start :pray:
Mangl is still so awesome. I did a little recording I’ll upload to the gram soon.