@ypxkap @SPIKE / everybody

I’ve updated mangl to include text labels. To upgrade, just download and replace. If you installed with git, a git pull in dust/code/mangl will get you sorted.


absolutely helped a ton!

i really like that performing with it allows for the slight delay in using the ALT button.

i see the text change and the arc change when it’s ready to accept the ALT adjustments!
superb using it in the studio…and i can see using it on stage will be a dream.

one teensy suggestion more…if i may…
(apologies if i’m asking for too much)
is it possible to add the ALT “scrub” text for the first knob?
if not no worries…i’m good!

again…THANK YOU!!!

i already recorded a foundation track with it and a BugBrand Chirper tonight.

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Enjoying Mangl so much. It’s a dream app for live performance orientated stuff. Thankyou so much!


It is done! :sunglasses: re-download and replace :sunglasses: (or git pull)

@mlogger I am glad that you are enjoying it!



Awesome…can’t wait to get back to the studio and give it a spin…

Here’s some noiz.from the past two days…second one has BugBrand Chirper accompaniment…


just loaded it!
i noticed you even added the “fine” under ALT as well.

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Hey @Justmat I was thinking of strettas mlooper.
Would be nice to see a grid in mangl running
a sequencer…:slightly_smiling_face:

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could you please possibly add a hold state on alt ? had fun with scrub and pitch and run out of hands :slight_smile: Thanks!

I’ve thought about this before, just not sure what it would look like. Will keep it in mind for future versions :slight_smile:

How would it be activated? I could possibly add an parameter option to flip the regular and alt controls… let me think about it.

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…combination? k1+k2 holds/unholds, not sure if possible…

Unfortunately, the combos are used up already. k1 + k2 sets a loop, k1 + k3 clears the loop.

yes sorry forgot about that…

finally spent some time with mangl
super fun script…thanks @Justmat!


Was up till 2am last night Mangl’ing a breakbeat. Its very very good. :metal:

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Glad you all are enjoying it! Puts a smile on my face :grin:

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so i’ve been working on a live performance with a modern dance troupe and was wondering if a feature could be added.

i’m using mangl as a primary source through three different sections so i have to load files quickly.

would it be possible for mangl to display the file name of each sample attached to the four different screens?

so when i am on screen “one” it will display the sample for “one” up in the right hand corner.
and then when switching to “two” it would display it’s attached sample, etc., etc.

it’s a bit of a challenge to keep track of things on stage between mangl, a Deluge and a Little Deformer 3.

and of course…the aforementioned possibility of having the four sample slots at the top of the parameters page for ease of sample loading…OR…instead of moving the sample slots on the parameters page…would it be possible to add a feature with the ability to save and name a mangle scene/setup?

oh…one more…
is there way to do a quick mangl reset so everything goes back to an initialized state on the arc?
the problem i have is when i’m loading up new samples…the arc has all of these crazy settings that work with the previous batch of noiz but may not be what’s needed for the new loaded batch.
i end up having to load samples and then try and calm everything back down again on the arc.

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@SPIKE, just pushed a small update. handles this…

and …

I haven’t had a chance to work up a reset/ re-init yet, but I will :slight_smile:


You can already save your samples and parameter settings like so…

  • navigate to the params menu.
  • hold key1.
  • use enc2 to navigate to load/save.
  • once on load/save, use enc3 to select a save slot.
  • press key3 to load/save.

Any ideas as to why this might be hanging my Norns when I select this script?

I’m just starting to wrap my head around Norns. I’m placing the folder containing the script into the we/dust/code folder. Correct?

Hmmmmm, are you running the most recent Norns firmware? Mangl needs at least Norns 2.0.

Yes, all up to date.

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